Saturday , May 8 2021

"White Snake: Origin" Each frame can be used as a background | White Snake: Origin | New White Snake Legend |

White Snake says everyone will say "White Lady's legend," "Summer Plays," and Bai Suzhen, who plays Zhao Yazhi, has been rooted in the hearts of the people. Yesterday, the feature film "White Snake: Origin" was released. Although it was based on classic IP, five years after the story background, two joined together, the past of Xu Xian and Bai Niang.

It has a certain IP base, but based on the front of the love of Suzy and Xu Xian from another point of view, and when Suzen fell in love, he saw Xu Xian in West Lake. The white snake and green snake were seen as animation for the first time, the viewers are already familiar with these classic characters. The dimension of the sharp fox is an innovative character of the film. An attractive look at Loli, sexy style and glamor attracts the attention of many spectators. The fierce fox's son is a million-year-old fox-devil who is responsible for the mysterious treasure he creates. It has the ability to change the arrows, the people become demons and the people turn into demons. In addition, it is a cinematographic cinema film production film. Chinese classical elements are used in Korean and special effects are used in Hollywood special effects to add stricter images and shocking effects. "Chinese style is a beautiful landscape, basically all frames can be used as wallpapers."

Yangzi Evening News / Yangjiang Reporter, Kong Xiaoping

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