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Wizards are even worse! Warcraft needs to go back if surgery is expected at 8 weeks – Netease Sports –


2018-12-01 00:50:30 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on December 1:

According to renowned journalist Shams-Charania, Dwight Howard's Wizards will perform surgery on the back, and the recovery period will be 8 weeks.

The report says Howard will act on the spinal L4 / L5 position, and Yahoo's Chris Hayes's sources say Howard will depend on the gluteal surgeon. The recovery time for cardiac insufficiency is 2-3 months. If everyone does it right, Howard will be able to return sooner.

This summer, Howard was first introduced to Nets' Hornets and was bought by both parties. He joined Howard Wizards after hiring Walle and signed a 5.3 million mini-contract. When Howard was changed to No. 21, he missed the first seven regular seasons as the initial injury of the game. He then played 9 matches and doubled to 3 doubles and an average of 12.8 points at 25.6 minutes. He got 9.2 rebounds. However, it was played against Blazers on November 18, and it was retreated due to injuries. He played 7 minutes and a half and lost 5 games again.

When a recurring injury occurred, Howard went to Los Angeles several times to find a piriformis diagnostic expert. In the end, he had to choose surgery. Starting with Rockets, he pulled back the injury and overcame the attack. Having lost his dominance, he was unable to return to the summit until then, causing a back injury.

It's also a great blow to the Wizards: it's only 8 wins and 13 losses, they're dropping down, they're planning to sell in the group and now Howard will be injured for a long time, the current Wizards's middle position is Thomas's basic pay – Bryant, perhaps an injury and this surgery will force Wizards to carry out some moves.

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