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Japan will celebrate the World Badminton Championship for the first time in 2022.

KUALA LUMPUR (August 30): Japan will celebrate the World Champion Championship for the first time in 2022.

Yelian, President of the World Badminton Federation, announced in Kuala Lumpur for the next seven years in 18 major competitions. He won the World Olympic Championship in 1977 in the World Championship.

Spain will participate in the 2021 World Cup in Copenhagen, the 2023 World Cup in Copenhagen and the 2025 World Championship in Paris, France.

Denmark has been named host of the Tangyou Cup in 2020 and will be held in Aarhus.

Heyla Shen has stated that after the election of the host country's first stages of the competition, he has collaborated with Shi Yulia to promote world competitions.

He said the host country was preparing for several years and believed that the level and quality of each contest was improved.

The World Federation continues to negotiate to determine the host of certain competitors to determine the city.

In addition, as the main player of the badminton team, China will make four competitions in the next few years, such as Sodiman Cup 2021 and 2025, the 2021 World Youth Championship and Tang24 Cup in 2024, but the host city is still debated.

The country of special hosts for each event are as follows

Tangyou round final
Aarhus, Denmark, 2020
Thailand, Bangkok, 2022
China in 2024, the city is indecisive

World Champion Badminton
In Spain, in 2021, the city is indecisive
Tokyo, 2022, Tokyo
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023
France, Paris, 2025

Sudirman Cup
China in 2021, the city is indecisive
India, New Delhi, 2023
China in 2025, the city is undecided

World Youth Tournament
Russia, Kazan, 2019
New Zealand, Auckland, 2020
China in 2021, the city is indecisive
Spain in 2022, the city is indecisive
Honolulu, USA, 2023
2024 violence
Defined in 2025

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