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WTO reform continues, China proposes an independent plan – Wall Street News


Experts believe that OMC's reform is sovereignty, and many EU, Canadian and Japanese reform efforts are maintained in the United States with OMC.

In December, major economies around the world began to reform OMC. This year, from the outset, the threat of withdrawal from the United States, the internationally renegade organization has returned to an international perspective.

By gradually clarifying the clarity of the demands of the parties, China has also started to diverge. After two conferences held in the WTO Council of May and July 2000, China adopted the basic position of the OMC reforms on November 26; On 22, the EU and other members submitted two copies of the provisional liquidation procedure with OMT. A joint proposal and a joint concept to provide the Second Council of the WTO Council (ministerial meeting after the second level) of 12 December.

At the press conference, according to the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, CEIBS and other MME members proposed two proposed joint proposals to respond and resolve the issues of the millions and to maintain and strengthen this process. Promote the independence and impartiality of the Court and the selection process as soon as possible. Two proposals were signed by 40 members, including the main users of the conflict resolution mechanism, which includes members of both development and development, with a broad scope and representation.

The Reporter of the First Financial Journal has learned from authoritative sources that China will propose its own OMC reform plan. Many people who know the subject say that with the First Financial Reporter, the EU and Canada can take a similar approach and not be sent to the WTO's General Council. But, ultimately, in order to promote WTO reform, it is still necessary to promote the creation of a proposal to reach the General Council for the consensus of all parties.

"The reform of the OMC is the only leader. The EU, Canada and Japan have made numerous reforms, especially to keep the MTA and not withdraw from the United States." Tu Xinquan, the Chief of the WTO Association of China, International Business and Economy, said First Financial Reporter.

Why do OMC reform? It is a major outlook for the United States to withdraw from the threat of the organization.

On the subject of the reform of the UN, current major economies, among others, the European Union and Canada, have proposed independent reform programs, and Japan, joint statements and common communications. Despite the different text positions, the first financial reporters have confirmed that many people involved in the OMT reform process are aware that one party is aware that successful reform depends on the US options.

Experts believe that this combined Chinese and EU proposal implied the US "B plan" by MME.

In February of this year, the Director General of Pascal Lamy, formerly the Directorate General, presented the "B plan" in Geneva's speech, that is to say, the countries should respond to the U.S. exit with MME. At that time, US officials discussed the possibility of canceling the power of the judge's power.

Lamy said: "If a large town does not comply with international trade regulations, other countries will have to respond." Lamy said that the members of the WTO had two options: "A plan" is the first option, to find out the problem. And propose a solution. It will ensure a "flat B" without the WTO system being effectively operated by Americans.

Gao said that the first proposal in the appeals process responded to the concerns of individual members and proposed resolutions to the transitional rules of the Codex Senior Members. The second proposal is, above all, to strengthen the independence of the judicial body, to improve the efficiency and capacity of the Appellate Body to send reports and to launch the electoral process automatically.

The European Commissioner of Commerce Malmstrom believes that the European parties are the most practical proposals for the reform of the WTO so that all members of the WTO can assume responsibility and participate in the reform process with honesty.

Tu Xinquan explained with First Financial Reporter that the first proposal could be understood as a technical change in the existing conflict resolution mechanism; The second one was to give more resources to the Appeals Body.

A Genevana official with the First Financial Reporter said that since the appointment of a new judge in the U.S. High Court, the content of the first improvement proposal has been echoed. On June 22, the most recent OMC panel was convened by the 71 members of the Mexican delegation to implement a new court commission. But this initiative was once again rejected in the United States for four reasons that systematically disrupts the current mechanisms. Check out the two proposals from China and the EU: China, the European Union, Canada, India, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Iceland, Singapore, Mexico and so on.

Earlier, Wang Fuwen, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Deputy Trade Negotiator, was a successful US reform, without the help of the OMC. If OMM is a successful reform, there is no lack of support for any member. "It is one of the founding members of the GATT and the WTO in the United States, so we hope that the United States will make a positive contribution to the successful reform of the AKB."

China is also creating a reform plan. In fact, during the MMA meeting held in Paris on the 16th of this month, diplomats and government officials discussed the WTO reform. Zhang Xiangchen, the ambassador of the AMB in China, told the WTO reform suggestions about the meal we proposed in China. "But other members also warned them not to force reforms as an" imposed tightening "option, otherwise they would be" very disappointed. "

Author: Guo Liqin, Source: First of all Financial, the original title "Exclusive | The WTO Reform Game continues, China will put forward a separate scheme"

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