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Wu Lei has shown Spanish skills. La Liga is the first step in the integration of the team –


Wu Lei appeared in the Spanish show, and foreign veterans Zhang Chengdong and Gao Leilei sent a message.


Based on La Liga, team integration is the first step.

Wu Lei

Birthdays 11/19/19/91

Height: 1.72 meters

Forward in position

Affiliated group

Number 24

Important honor

Super League Champion

Golden Globe Award

Golden Boot Award (2018)

An important event

China's youngest professional football player (under 15)

Single season with Chinese players (27 goals)

On the morning of January 30, Beijing's time, Wu Lei, was a media meeting for the Spanish League for the Spanish club. One day ago, the Spanish official announced that the news was introduced by Wu Lei. Now, Wu Lei has already dreamed of staying abroad. He said that he must continue to adapt to local culture, and he must enter the new team as soon as possible.



The first word of the study is "join".

On January 30, after using a Spanish 24-year-old toy, Wu Lei officially appeared at the El Prat stadium. The club's staff used "hello" Chinese to accept new external channels from the channel. Wu Lei smiled and responded.

It's a nice beginner. After that, Wu Lei shoulder-injury hit the ball in the team's home court. Group photo, pilot skills, uniform music groups – the process of players that enter the new club is roughly the same, but as the first Chinese player, promoted by the Spaniards, the "prescribed" set is still lost in Chinese foreign players. When Wu Lei photographed, everyone cried out in Spanish: "We are here!"

Yes, Wu Lei has already arrived here, which is his first time to live and play in Europe. There are still a lot of places to adapt. The group only understands its participation. Understanding and adapting local culture and life as soon as possible. .

Indeed, there is a lot of pressure on Wu Lei's motivation to demonstrate "ability to demonstrate that Chinese players are in the top five laws." As a former local dancer, a leader in recent years, Spanish is also full of hope.

After Wu Lei came to Spain, the first dictionary dictionary in Spanish was "Marcargol". The club's top management conducted a clear report. Chinese players' introduction to the Chinese market was considered, but it was more important: "If it's not playing, Wu Lei will not reach the Spaniards, not just financially."

Of course, Wu Lei must act as soon as possible before considering the scoring problem. "At first debut, this is the first goal. The goal is that the striker is the duty, as long as you score, it does not matter who opposes." Wu Lei said.



"Entry into the locker room".

In recent years, the number of foreign players has dropped sharply. One of the most shameless Cups in Asia is the Chinese team, the only Asian League round in the national league.

Fortunately, we can give Wu Lei experience and help. In 2015, Zhang Chengdong led Beijing Guoan to Vallecano and won the league with the first Chinese League. Zhang Chengdong has said that the fast pace of La Liga needs to be adjusted as soon as possible.

Another Chinese player with Spain is Guo, Gao Leilei. Wu Lei tips are still integrated. "You need to communicate more with foreign teams, coaches and team members, and enter the venue, which the team has played for a number of years in the European team, and will be a valuable experience for future Chinese players."

However, before the Wu Leiuna is his shoulders injury. Wu Lei communicates with the medical team in the Spanish base and will analyze it in detail on January 31. Fortunately, his injury did not affect the Rupee team of coaches. The rumor revealed in a conversation: "Wu Lei is not lucky, because it was wounded because of this important transfer. Before signing the contract, we made a thorough understanding and analysis of Wu Lei, and we made a careful decision. Because the Spaniard is the best player in China, he can easily achieve his goal. Fortunately, Wu Lei's injury is not very serious, which eases the relief silence. "



The first local star of La Liga has to change

In the ocean, Wu Lei's dream is a small dream, and its explanation is: "The general level of foreign groups is higher, the outsourcing will be very helpful. Continuing education will greatly improve". In recent years, Wu Lei has received foreign clubs invitations, but said: "At that time, my mind was still in Hong Kong, because I did not help the team to win the championship. Shanghai has won the championship, which is the previous goal and dream."

Like the proud disciple of Xu Genbao, Wu Lei's history is a smooth and tight story. Shanghai East Asia made the 13th and 10th round of the Chinese competition, setting the record for younger players in the Chinese Football League. . In 2008 he broke Qingdao Hailifeng in the Chinese Round 15 of the Chinese League of Cycling. At that time, he was 16 years old and 289 days, becoming the youngest second round of the Chinese Football Professional League. In 2013, Wu Lei 12 scored the first Super League season and won the top scorer. In the 2018 season, Wu Lei won the goal with 27 goals (without penalty) and Super League Golden Boot outsold external monopoly assistance. He won the only season of jihad. In addition, Wu Lei's top scores have settled in China's 102th place in the league, with Han Peng (93 goals) and Hao Haidong (96 goals), less than Li Jinyu's 120 goals.

However, Wu League, in the mid-league, has always criticized the national team's performance cap. Hails have emphasized that the national team had no foreign aid such as Oscar and Huoke, but Wu Lei had passed the ball, but Wu Lei was not confident that the national team was in Hong Kong.

In this Asian Cup game, Wu Lei twice won to play in China against the Philippines. "Super League in first person" finally injured and broke the national team. Today, he opened his career in the ocean, the "Wuqiu Wang" La Liga stand, a national team to complete the transformation, has become a new hope for fans.

Author / Beijing News Reporter Zhou Xiao

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