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Wu Lei is a small step forward, a great step towards Chinese football


"Generation of hope" officially entered into the Barcelona Club of Barcelona


Wu Lei is a small step forward, a great step towards Chinese football

Wu Lei officially appeared in the Spanish club and opened a trip to Europe.

■ Chen Haixiang Reporter

Sixteen years ago, the young boy was a strange child of the Chongming island. Sixteen years later, he walked in the El Prat stadium in Barcelona. "At that time, I was ashamed of my future, but the other side was nostalgia for my native country." Recalling Chongming's scene, Wu Lei said that the heart was full of hope and reluctance. And this complex emotion is not different at this time.

On the first day of Beijing, Wu Lei officially appeared in the Spanish club and opened a new trip to Europe. In order to get the best cyclist today, the biggest difference between the two 16-year-olds is that he was at Chongming at the age of 11, and worked for Wu Lei for his future, but now he will also take China. Great soccer name. Wu Lei said he was very enthusiastic about this meeting: "I want to show my ability and let the world know that Chinese players can also be in five leagues."

After ten years of Sun Ji, a Chinese player can break into Europe in five countries. Ten years of age or over, in China's talented minority context, Wu Lei, trying to win the great honors of the Chinese Super League, this small step is a great step in Chinese football. Cinematic cyclist at the stadium at the El Prat stadium: "Wu Lei, the hope of the whole town!"

There are concerns in the expectations of home-based public opinion

In the interview, Chen Haoyuan, President of the Shanghai Port Group, has stated that "the Spanish club was given its name to Wu Lei in its leading position", but in a state of high-level competition, similar commitments are rapidly being implemented. change. For this reason, when Wu Lei made a black and white sweater white, the public opinion on his house had a strong debate about his solutions.

"Beijing Daily" mentioned that Wu Lei's challenges are all strangers, especially the La Liga, where most Asian players are difficult. "In five European countries, the League is undoubtedly the hardest League of Asian players, previously the only Iranian player in Neconia and the Japanese group Gan Goshi were very successful, with only two other Asian players traveling to La Liga, . As Zhang Chengdong, with a brief history of La Liga, is the biggest gap of competition reflected in the rhythm. Adapting to the rhythm, Wu Lei also needs "to adapt to new environments as soon as possible and get recognition for coaches, team members and fans."

Wu Lei has had difficulties in the game rhythm in "Guangzhou Daily", and "Wu Lei visited Wu Lei. Wu Lei did not have any problems, only the Super League and the La Liga rhythm is a two level concept and Wu Lei must observe and learn a long time. "

"澎湃 新闻" may be considered as a real test next season. "Wu Lei proved to be the best player in China in recent years," he said. "It's a mature age, and Wu Lei finally chose the Spaniard, which means that both sides will definitely play." Wu Lei's injury will have to rest for a long time. If it was possible to return to the end of the season, after the fall of the Spaniard, Wu Lei will be a definitive play option, and its real challenge will start next season, to conquer the head coach and teammate. "

"Sports Weekly," said Wu Lew's departure from foreign country solutions, the situation might not be because some fans think it's not very pessimistic. "Yes, three of them were the right advancements in the first team, # 39; Parrots (the nickname of Spaniards) has added to the big list of players of team B: Wu Lei squeezed into the list and has not yet considered a problem. "

The Western Media Center welcomes you

Wu Lei's stay in the ocean was home-grown fans, and La Liga was a Chinese player, becoming a hot topic for local media debate.

The Spanish "Pioneers" wrote a joint analysis of Wu Lei. According to the newspaper, Wu Lei is considered to be a strangest European footballer, but it is a mythical figure in China. From the data, it's like Wu Lei Messi, and it's like David. Villa "Super auxiliary outsider assistance is stronger, but Wu Lei is still proficient." The goal was to score 27 goals for Golden Boots in the last season and win the local shooter for six consecutive seasons, which Wu Lei will give the Spaniards with a great deal of support, and Spanish Spaniards call Borja. Wu Lei's offensive challenges may be offensive, but Wu Lei is wounded and can be returned, while a public opinion magazine "Pioneer" has also been published, which shows that 77.8% of fans think that Wu Lei Signing up is a good entry, the team can give it a goal.

They interviewed the "Daily Nation" of Spain, the famous Mansano teacher taught in China for several years, and the latter appreciated Wu Lei. "This player has made tremendous strides in recent years, he has become a complete champion, with goals and support." Manzano thinks that Wu Lei can be adapted to Spanish football. Patience for players of small leagues in South America, Africa or Europe. A good player, Oscar and Hulk's attack has a strong combination. China's top league champion is usually an overseer player, breaking practice. "

Many people are so optimistic and many people sing "Aspen" one of the Spanish media that is not authorized by Wu Lei. "It highlights La Liga technology, that is, Wu Lei's main challenge, as it was before. Second, it's a language problem , learns first Spanish. "

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