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Xi Jinping, the secretary general, made an important conference in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform, and a strong response was made between the basic members and the cadets.


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Topic: Relic of the great rejuvenation – An important conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ratification and dissemination of the General Secretary Xi Jinping between the members of the religion and the cadets.

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In the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform and inauguration, the secretary general of Xi Jinping, who reviewed major conferences, commented on the great struggle of the Chinese nations and the breaking of future waves. Leaders and cadets made a tough response.

They all said that reforms should be taken into account in enrichment and perspective, to overcome difficulties, to be courageous in innovation, and to face the great rejuvenation of China's nations, to recall Qingshan's determination and determination. Good grades

"Let people share and open the fruit of the reform"

Tickets, such as food stamps, fabric entries, meat tickets, fish tickets, oil inputs, tofu tickets, non-food items, industrial bonuses, etc. They have been distinguished in the history of the museum … "In the 18th, Zhang Ren, Linyi, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up to television, heard this phrase and it was very hot.

"When I went to work, all the needs of life were almost on the card." The memory of Zhang Renxi suddenly returned to the 70's, when he thought he could "transform" 40 years later. Online purchases. "Shopping three" from quantitative supplies, "cheaper than million", "hunger, lack of food and wear, life is difficult," etc. For thousands of years we have been making people trouble creating a ticket to the museum.

Yuan Longping, a pioneer reformist and father of history, and a promoter of hybrid rice in the world. By leveraging the home-based contracting system reforms, the three-country hybrid research has been successful and internationally promoted.

"Just 8 years ago, the average yield of rice has grown by 55%, while China has just eaten enough." Looking back at the Chinese hybrid basin, Yuan Longping said reform and openness could be eaten for everyone to eat. We have broken the world record of rice yield and we have also promoted the development and social production of disciplines.

Over the past 40 years, we have understood the chances and feelings of the Chinese in the hands of the Chinese as well as their jobs. Wu Tingliang, Xinqiao Village, Flood Town, Luxi County, Bijie City, lives in a province of Guizhou, whose destiny has changed.

"If you are a small family, reform and openness, if the government increases poverty, it goes away. I have heard the words of the Secretary General, so that my heart is particularly hot and in the future." Wu Tingliang is in the hometown of Wumeng. At the age of 17, he "worked" to work in Guangdong. He has now studied technology and money. The shoemaking factory began at its doorstep and fought with its inhabitants.

"The Secretary-General has said that efforts must be made to preserve people's well-being, happiness, and security, the basis of health, and I want to protect the health of our citizens." Ma Musha, 41, is a county in Gonghe, in the province of Qinghai. Dean of the city center center, rooted in more than 20-year-old farmhouses, and a deep feeling of peasants and shepherds.

Small diseases, major diseases ", voluntary medical examinations, time grafts, changes in the concept of farmers' pastoralists, Ma Musha, happiness to the doctor. Over the last 40 years, China has created the largest social security system, pensions, health care, etc. Medical insurance has more than 1,300 million people.

In the conference room of the Renmin University of China, students from the Directorate General of Information Resource Management, Shen Hao and students, were listening to the speech by the Secretary General of Xi Jinping. "In the hands of the Chinese peoples, it is impossible to have a chance. We are proud and proud of the Chinese people who have created the miracle of humanity!" Everyone can not help, but here applaud.

Talking about the way to go to school, Shen Hao intensified its reform and openness in the 90s. "Shandong Binzhou built the train last year and the speed of traffic is getting faster and faster. In three hours I will go to school in Beijing, and I will fix the high-speed train in the future."


"Constantly realize the best people's life to do"

These days, at the end of the year there is a peak of Social Security payments. In the Nanning Social Security office service network, people who pay for fees have a constant stream. Huang Shiyi, deputy director of the Social Security Director of Nanning City, set out from various service points to ensure a smooth and comfortable payment.

"In his speech, the Secretary-General stressed that it is necessary to detain as a citizen, as a Social Security employee, I believe they have a great responsibility." Huang Shiyi said we would improve the intelligence of the people's intelligence and increase the coverage of reform policies such as "shared health insurance" for the public. Get more comfortable with social security services.

Reform and openness Over 40 years, the life expectancy of Chinese residents has grown significantly. Ma Ping, director of the Changchun Municipal Health and Family Planning Committee, said: "We will continue to deepen reform and people will reduce the medical treatment and enjoy a healthy life."

On June 18 Huaxi Village, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, known as the "first village in the world", focused more on more than 50,000 paintings and the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening of the people.

"The per capita annual income of the Huaxi Village is now 90,500 yuan, which is 410 times in 1978. Huaxi Village may be today based on reform and openness, and the next day, it is even more necessary for reform and openness." Wu Xien, secretary of the Huaxi County Commission, said in the future Huaxi Village "rural city" will make industrial prosperity, ecological livability, civilization civilization, effective governance and a wealthy life, along with urban quality and rural features.

After Zhang Yongxin's new home, Huaqiao Village, Changba Town, Kang County, Gansu Province, Xi Jinping General Secretary, Zhang Yongxin "sends heart out of reform and openness." Through beautiful rural landscapes, Huaqiao village poverty has reached four levels.

They are hard bites to alleviate poverty and poverty alleviation is difficult.

In the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform and inauguration, Jia Licheng, Deputy Secretary of the Qikou Town Party Commander, Linxian County, Shanxi Province visited the poor houses of the town and sat down gimmings of poor houses. He was very attentive to the secretary general of Xi Jinping.

"To bring about a lasting poverty alleviation, it is the first priority to increase citizen ambition and wisdom and taste delicious business for the company." Jia Licheng said that the next steps will help poor households develop real estate industries and expand the industry's industrial chain. Good pull

Zujie Xuzhou Power Supply Company is the main responsible for the distribution and operation of the Grid Network of national networks. At 18, he used the mobile phone to work on the field and listen to Xi Jinping's Secretary-General's speech.

"Reforms and openings depend on innovation, the work of the electrical network requires strong technological innovation, I work with my colleagues and I want to develop an" automatic robot. "If they are developed, the intensity of the direct work will be reduced and Wanjia better protected." Lights, "said Zujie .

"Now, people can no longer eat, wear hot clothes, live without housing, but they eat health, wear identity and life, not a problem of rapid development, but the development is good, there is no balance Balance problem and not enough." Sitting on the podium of the Main House of People, and the chief secretary of Xi Jinping, Ma Shanxiang, leader of the intermediary of Guanyinqiao Street, Jiang Shi Chongqing District, will strengthen the direction of the future work: "I will improve the vision of the massive work in new social and emerging phenomena and constantly improves the winning mass, happiness and security. "


"Creating a new and bigger wonders of the Chinese nation in the new era"

According to its members and cadets, the radical statement of the Secretary-General Xi Jinping and the heroic statement of the new era will surely recover the power of the party and revive people of all nationalities.

The pioneer of the Shihezi Provincial Court Reform in the People's Republic of China, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Community, has said that reform and openness must guarantee the leadership of the party over all work, to strengthen and improve the leadership of the party, always providing a better life for our life. The legal regulation is of great importance for the development and promotes the promotion of social and justice law.

In December, Daqing's chillies were strong. "New Iron Man" was the pioneer of Wang Qimin, the title of the title "Da Ironing Manhattan", which won the warmth and jubilation. "Iron Man Spirit" is a long story that is inspired by oil generations.

On the eighteenth of the afternoon, the operation of the drilling company Daqing Oilfield Drilling Engineering Company was triggered by the drilling 30,706 drilling. Staff, Wang Jianqing and staff kept up the cold inspection over minimal temperatures. Wang Jianqing said: "As an oil worker, Iron Man's will is based on the inheritance of the Iron Man spirit, he continues to work hard, overcomes the difficulties and helps his mother with oil to make the national act easier.

Thousands of miles from Daqing, near the Maanshan desert beach in Lingwu, near Ningxia Yinchuan Hedong Airport, dozens of engineering vehicles are working in an orderly and orderly manner, establishing the foundations for forestry in the spring of next year.

"Although I retired, but my life is not dead, residual regulations are not limited, society will achieve better results." Pioneer Reform, the National Secretary of the Ningxia Lingwu Baijitan National Reserve, the former secretary of the party and the director, Wang Youde, with total confidence. In the future, we will turn the desert park into ecological, which includes gatherings, visits, tourism and wellbeing, so sharing society's achievements in preventing and controlling sand. and write new wonders.

A pair of scarf and a pair of footwear in ankle, this is Wu Jinyin, Tangzhuang Town, Weihui City, Henan Province secretary dress decades. Seeing it at the time, as simple as usual.

"I was very proud and I was proud of the pioneering reform title". Wu Jinyin has said that the key word of the secretary general of Xi Jinping is inspiring and inspiring. The General Committee of the Party continues its strategic plan for rural revitalization, amongst others, in Tangzhuang. The people have created harmony and happiness as a beautiful town so that people can live happier and happier.

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