Friday , June 18 2021

Xingye's new film immortalizes the Spring Festival How many new works has it been for this year? – Movies – cnBeta.COM

On November 26, Zhou Xingchi published a picture of Xingye's new film and gave him important information: The Xing Ye's new movie was released at the 2019 Spring Festival. In the picture, the hat-star star-studded hat smiles and smiles at the top of the book: "Zhou Xingchi's new work" and "Zhou Xingchi posted" in the lower right corner.

Suspected "King of Comedy 2"

He is also directed by Stephen Chow, "D Plan", directed by Qiu Litao. It tells the story of a dreamy actress. It's similar to the story of "Comedy King", many people suspect that the "D Plan" is the star. The King of Comedy 2. The "D Plan" is also played by Wang Baoqiang.

D plan plot summary

This poster is explained and there are many questions. It's hard to confirm the death of a new movie. In addition, the style of this poster is a bit slower, the news released by the Stars team and the credibility still remains to be confirmed. In the end, when "Mermaid 2" died, Lin Yun's scene of exposure was becoming more formal.

Currently, the "D Plan" Douban has published the poster for Zhou Xingchi's film.

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