Tuesday , May 18 2021

Yao Ming Basketball Association President: Zhou Qi was not pre-registered "out of the box" this season CBA – China News

  1. Yao Ming, President of the Basketball Association: Zhou Qi is not expected "timeless" this season, CBA – Chinanews.com China News Net
  2. Yao Ming: Zhou Qei can not play CBA this season, there are rules to observe.
  3. Zhao Jiwei: I have not hired Zhou Qi. If he returns to CBA, he may think of Liaoyun.
  4. Oh, I did not hesitate to hire Zhou Qi CBA, the goddess of the heart of Yan Wang is really Sina.com
  5. Yi Jianlian: It's a good opportunity to win the championship every year. Zhou Qi is a good development.
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