Saturday , February 4 2023

You can now use the Hashtag Google Maps comment site


To comment on places like Google Maps and other places, Google has added a new feature to use the hashtag. If you leave a comment on the comments, users can add up to five or more adders to the content or storage. Before sending the confirmation, the system will list all the hashtags that you have confirmed. For others, new features may find the message or location of the commentary by the smelter, improving search efficiency.

As a way to use Hashtag, Google should comment on something people commented on #Vegetarian (vegetarian), #goodforselfies (self-portraits), #sunviews (sunset) and #wheelachairaccessible (friendly wheelchairs) and other clear content, just like words like #love or #food.

According to TechCrunch's statement in Google, this feature started running on Android devices for a week. With regard to China's help, I think I should have more patience, but there's no news about iOS. In addition to this new enhancement, Google has recently added storage and commercial interviews, tracking traders, group travel planning, shopping cart, and ongoing labels as well as maps. If you do not use these features yet, check out our previous reports.

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