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Collectors over 2,000 people can raise your memories

▲ Wang Tianfu personal collection

▲ Wang Tianfu's Beijing Olympic Games collection spark

▲ First food stamps

Chinese Get the finest restaurants in Chongqing focused on chinese via our directory. Do you see porcelain white whites? More recently, a personal exhibition of the 70-year-old Wang Tianfu collection began at the Shapingba Region in Ciqikou. More than 2,000 entries and spark were visible. Wang Tianfu is obsessed with a 35-year-old collection. He goes home for more than two hours, because he has no money in the back of the collection. At present, the collection of home collections has been millions, but they say they are poor.

Tickets and exhibitions record annual life

Yesterday morning, slow news – Chongqing Evening News magazine (slow news broke sound: 966988; mailbox: [email protected]) was a personal display of the Wang Tianfu collection. Wall covers chronological food stamps, sparks and life jackets. The exhibition room of 50 and 60 square meters attracts visitors.

Among the exhibits, food stamps were the most popular. In 1955, among the first seals of food, from the last seasons of the 1988 food, from different eras and from different regions, were on the wall, Pengshui, Zhongxian, Rongchang, Yunyang and other regions and regions, special vegetables and oils, Glutton rice supply bundles, baking And the confectionary bonds, 贰 bi, 壹 市斤, Wu Shijin, a kilogram, five kilograms, the designations vary.

"Every time I see these cards, I always think about foods that have changed over the years." Wang Tianfu said the reporter received food at that time according to the family population. On the 20th, food stamps, food stamps, money, food and three things to eat together.

"This is a reminder of the memories of the people of that time and that young people know the story." Wang Tianfu said the exhibition is free for visitors.

Buying a collection, there is no penny

In fact, more than two thousand tickets and sparks appeared just a small part of the Wang Tianfu collection. Wang Tianfu said he liked having a child as a child. Twenty-thirty years ago, unlike the Sandong Bridge in Jiangbei District, someone sold some spark patterns and bought a house. Since then, when he saw a set of sparks, he took him home. After that, the spark collection is getting more and more, and the collection is getting bigger and stronger. Since 1991, I saw food stamp collecting, and the collection continued.

"I've been fascinated by the collection, I have to go to the market for the Saturday magazine one day." Wang Tianfu has repeatedly said that I see food stamps and sparks, I will pay.

Wang Tianfu declared a 5,555-year-old Kwuba County food stamp in 1955. The owner of the food was requesting 800 yuan at the time. He had a lot of money and he had to buy it.

"Often, because I bought a collection because it was just one penny, I did not have to pay it. I went home for more than two hours." Wang Tianfu said that he was fond of picking up his favorite, though he would go home.

They sold 100,000 sparks once

Currently, his collection is worth at least 100,000 yuan, but these collections also have added value. Wang Tianfu has said that his collection has more than 100,000 pieces and is worth millions.

In 2003, Wang Tianfu bought the property rights of the house, but sold 28,000 sparks for almost 20 years and sold for 28,000 yuan. "The company calls it a stick to get the spark, it's hard."

Over the next ten years, Wang Tianfu sparks were still collecting, but received less than 20,000 pieces. "There are so many sparkles that are so many". Wang Tianfu still regrets.

Regarding the hobby of Wang Tianfu, his wife Tang Ayi is very supportive: "He does not smoke, he does not drink, he does not play games, and, in addition to painting, he becomes a life more essential, I think he is good and buys the collectors, Everything saves money and does not affect the family. "

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