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"You're breaking the waves and riding the wind, you are with you", a large staircase will be attacked by Huang Jingyu's birthday party – Entertainment News


On November 30th, Tencent Video Doki celebrated the "Waters Crossing and Wind Riding" meeting, which ended at the Chengdu West China International Expo. There were 1,200 fans gathered in total, 2,678,301 fans watched live and dropped 69,809 barracks.

Over two hours of interaction between online and offline sync, "Whale Brother" and the whale team opened a fascinating adventure. In the interaction with the fans, in the opening session of "Flying Life", direct fans interact with love and, afterwards, in the public welfare home of the heat, the fans of this process that is confronting Aidou feel the whole "whale brother" full mascot, many fans cried: This is the most beautiful moment in November! "

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Huang Jingyu doki car "big adventure" Pirate ship challenge to open the first pet dust

Huang Jingyu makes an outstanding appearance and constant efforts to win the recognition of fans: "Red Sea Action" is hard and calm and calm, Gu Shun, "The First Love of Chitose" is a heart-medal and warm heart. Helan Jingwei "Flying Life" is also an adventurous Lin Yidong … Every character that created it is very three-dimensional and rich. He once said: "I am a new traveler, the experience is not very rich, but I am not going to fool you into the audience, deceive yourself." If you act seriously, you can experience some difficulty in order to achieve personal growth, as fans say ", such as Huang Jingyu is taking care of the whale. "

"Doki Grand Ladder Huang Jingyu birthday party," Huang Jingyu takes part in the tour, takes five fans on the stage and interacts with them in a fun "great adventure" in the car. Huang Jingyu's "great cold" is the appearance of the human god, which conceals the "funny and funny" soul, opens the black-and-white challenge of the barrel pirate, close to the next major brother's temper and interacts with love for everyone, as well as lovers too. pet



Surprise Treasure Queen's fan look Huang Jingyu doki birthday party pet pet dust

All the time, fans know Huang Jingyu is very skilled, but his songs and dances are also very spiritual. The singer Huang Jingyu performed the song "Taoxiang". Jing Yu also showed his low voice called "Sunny Sun", fans felt tears and left the blood vessel empty.


In a large staircase, the love bean mascot is unexpected and unimaginable. In this event, Huang Jingyu was the mascot. The fans of "Baleen Queen" continued to be exclusive! The whistle brother and the Queen drank together and laughed.

Huang Jingyu also started treasure hunting game with the same fan at the same stage. In several rounds of interaction, the whale brother and the enthusiasts successfully challenged. Huang Jingyu intimist also prepared a love gift for lovers, such as thermo-glasses, lipsticks, hand-warmers, etc. Early in the winter, energy saving was "lively" warmth, fans expressed super happiness and moved.

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Public welfare – The positive energy of the idol to free the heat from home

"Great Doki Stairway" Huang Jingyu special birthday party, Huang Jingyu's public welfare home and Hao Hao helper guest together with the challenges of dressing together, through this ceremony link, for those who need warmth to add an outfit, I like everyone, remote areas, outdoor staff and other people who need warmth to give their coats of clothing. Fans made a positive response, praised the behavior of idols, and expressed willingness to reconcile charity.

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<p>When Huang Jingyu and fans made a wave of high-intensity interaction, fans who watched live broadcasts continued to make large-scale Scenes of "Vinegar Scenes" and constantly expressed "envy", "嫉妒" and "Want brothers" through the barrage. Immersed in a good spot … Line interactions and offline lines also led to a very warm atmosphere.</p>
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Fans love singing the birthday song, Yu, you never leave.

At the end of the Big Doki staircase, the VCR, that is, a specially trained whale brother, played a whale watching group. Video fans admitted it. Scene fans prepared a special birthday cake for love beans, and the deep blessings of the whale sang the birth song. Huang Jingyu moved to tears, and all the fans of the Huang Jingyu scene were and were always allowed. We want to express our gratitude and we have used "unhappy" to open a new season. This great ladder ends in the love of love beans and lovers.

This "Great Doki Staircase", which has a total of 2.67 million viewers, has enjoyed great popularity among fans. In the hearts of Tencent video docs, the profile of the mouthpiece of the high profile is included in the "document on the stairs". With a different fan club, the community has created C-seating tickets for lovers, exclusive spots, huge star interactions and document access to Aidou event and other benefits. At the same time, fans are not involved in off-line activities, but also in-depth co-creators. In a large staircase, love beans are not the role of cold ice on the screen, but a real person that can be directed towards oneself, love beans get energy and strive to advance. The ascending spirit is the video of Tencent. The essence of Doki.

The cold at the beginning of winter can not please fans. Thanks to the great Doki stairway, fans are still able to get in touch with bearded love. On top of the stairway, not only is Huang Jingyu's father known as whale, but also the man of Wang Kai, who is the husband and talent of "Xiong Yuqi". There are several types of love-protection, such as Li Hongyi and Xing Zhaolin. In the future, do you want to face doci stairs? Stay tuned!

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