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Yuan Keping talked about the writer "Zhuang Yi" Yuan Zibo: I'm not the same as my daughter. Daily economic news


Remembering the process of "Dajiang Dahe", Yuan Keping was full of emotion. He acknowledged "Current Reporter for the Current Economy" (hereinafter referred to as NBD), which brought out "country trips, force rules, rebellion and a bit of arrogance." During the interview, I revealed the "fate" of collaboration with the sun at dawn, the intention to accept adaptation works and the details of the work and life of the daughter of the well-known Writer Yuan Zibo.

NBD: We have noticed that all the first written works are all original novels. Why are you ready to adapt the noon's invitation to an online novel? It's a whisper because your daughter is adjusted by Yuan Ziya because "Happy Ode" is the line for you.

Yuan Keping: My partnership with the sun's sun has nothing to do with it. Our fate comes under "The Sea", it is a television drama of the same name adapted to my original novel. In the 1990s the story is told, the national cadres left the unit to start a business in the south. When it was released, CCTV announced for the first time, and, especially, ma Huateng, Liu Chuanzhi and Li Yanhong stations. "Going to the sea" was first classified as a national audience in 2011 and was the best television drama during the reform and the opening.

Hou Hongliang's bullet brought me a novel about "Da Jiangdong Go". At first I did not use other people's work, but a high-quality production team was very difficult. There was no shortage at noon.

Creating film and television drama is a very important team. The score of 90 points is normal at 90 points, but a score of 70 points is also possible. I do not think that a movie and a television drama can be successful by a person, that is, a whole system project. The high level of each department to guarantee the success of the work, so I'm looking for Hou Hongliang. It's an option.

Taking into account that the story is very strong, I have repeatedly twice playing it with Hou Hongliang.

NBD: In the future did you talk about your daughter bullets?

Yuan Keping: Until today I have not written a word, and has not written a word. Looking at my style is quite different. The author is very beautiful. In addition, it is more philosophical and aesthetic, and I am a very close-minded author. Fresh and detailed are my creative styles, so we're hardly a way. a.

We write every single thing, and we make each creation. I am like a country without a lawyer, and it is a bit suffering.

NBD: What do you think is the hardest part of a tribute drama?

Yuan Keping: Reform and openness for over 40 years is the biggest test for writers. Reform and openness is a long process for every Chinese. A few years ago, when reforms began to open, ordinary people experienced this "purgatory".

Fifty years will come today, for the Chinese, it is very difficult. Every step of reform and openness has infiltrated Chinese efforts, suffering and happiness.

That's why, over forty years of age, he or she loves himself and his embraces are very demanding. Excellent works must be honest in order to impress people. That's why the people of "Big River" attract many people, those who have lived in this era or those who are not in this era feel resonant.

NBD: There will be more tributes in 2019. How do you do with well-known audiences?

Yuan Keping: Modern drama I think it's the difficulty of all the drama. "It's easy for me to paint the ghosts, people make it difficult." Everyone who knows these pastimes can not do it first because it is a fabrication.

Secondly, he is a graduate. Now it will be a lot of "licensed" scriptwriters, that is, by type of industry, there are some rules and the same bridge can be used several times. But about art creation? There is no more. It is very difficult to plagiarize other things and want to learn from others and resign with the audience. Maybe you can get some money, but you can not make much money.

NBD: What kind of help is needed to create a good job?

Yuan Keping: good jobs are expensive. The first is the cost of time. The writer needs time to look after heart and life, to write something honest and revive with the audience. However, there is still no seriousness. Capital costs are also required. For example, in the "Dajiang Dahe" case, it must be "Xiaoleijia Village", but if it is consistent in that time and if no prepared products are available, a special site should be configured.

NBD: What is the motivation to create after retirement?

Yuan Keping: "Counting the rivers and rivers", I have written five plays now. When I create it, I will be very serious. Every time I write, I'm struggling and I work hard, so how much effort I have to make.

I like to write it a lot. Although writing is very hard, although some paragraphs are particularly good, it is a special pleasure and I find something that I am touching. That's why I'm still writing. It's not money, of course I am love money.

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