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Yuexiu Real Estate: 2018 contract sales at 57,783 million yuan, 41% increase – 100 million yuan, Yuexiu, China Net, about, one, eight – China Real Estate


2019-01-10 23:06:53 Source: China Real Estate

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On 10th afternoon, Yuexiu Real Estate Sales explained. In December 2018, the amount of sales contracted amounted to RMB 11,308 million, approximately 128% in year-over-year terms. The contracted surface area of ​​sales totaled about 573,600 square meters, approximately 185%.

In 2018, the amount of sales sales amounted to 57,783 million RMB, an inter-annual increase of around 41%. Sales area sales amounted to 2,768,900 square meters, with a year-to-year increase of 25%. Contract sale sales amounts RMB 2008 55 million were contracted around 105% of sales.

In December 2018, the amount of order sales reached RMB 1,657 million and the sales area was approximately 71,800 RMB.

In the order that sales and the sale of contracts are combined, the total amount of sales and sales will be RMB 59.44 million and approximately 2,480,700 square meters, respectively.

(Article Source: China Real Estate)

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