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Yuhang's talents in Baiye Xing (under the leadership of Xi Jinping's new Socialism, with new features, New Era and New Chapter) – People's Daily – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-27 03:12:59 Source: People's Day

Hangzhou, November 26 (Wang Huiminan Reporter), Zhijiang Laboratory, Alibaba Institute, Zhejiang University Super Gravity, Baidu (Hangzhou) Innovation Center … A group of leading research and development organizations located in the Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province It was in recent years. Only in the first half of this year, Yuhang has added 12,616 new students to date, and the total number of talent and annual income is in provinces and regions.

Talents are abundant and Baiyexing. While the Yuhang District is operating at an economic level, it has given a great response to the first half of the year: the GDP growth rate, total tax revenue and foreign investment indicators, that is, Zhejiang province and cities. a.

In recent years, Yuhang has found problems in development and problems of development capacity. How to restore energy sources? Yuhang recognizes innovation as a focus on finding new ways to attract talents and build a technological innovation ecosystem. High-quality talent and high-level scientific research gatherings have led to good results in research and innovation. In the first half of this year, the number of patents and licenses of Yuhang District companies amounted to 9,159 and 5,618, respectively, in the first rankings in provinces and regions.

In the same period of innovation, Yuhang does not traditionally eliminate industries. It is actively promoting the transformation of the new and old kinetic energy – it encourages transformation of traditional manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and deepening the integration of the digital economy and the real economy. Intelligent technology and intelligent technology in every aspect of the company, it completely renews Evelin's traditional outfit: it can provide detailed services for data analysis and customers can control the flow of passengers over 100 stores nationally. Sales and other sales operations.

New and Renewed Energy Transformations and Transformations Yuhang's Structures have made a qualitative change in Yuhang's economic structure in qualitative variation: the proportion of traditional cement industry is declining year-on-year, the proportion of high-tech industries has increased over the year. In the first semester of this year, industrial value added was 59.8% of the added value of industrial scale.

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