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Zhang Yuning Expects AFC Champions League: Guoan’s Strongest Team Expects New Progress_Games


Original Title: Zhang Yuning Expects AFC Champions League: Guoan’s Strongest Team Expects New Breakthrough

On November 17, in Beijing, the AFC officially interviewed striker Zuan Yuning Guoan. Zhang Yuning spoke about the upcoming AFC Champions League in an interview. Zhang Yuning believes Guoan is the best team in the team and hopes that this year the AFC Champions League can bring new advances in performance.

Zhang Yuning spoke about the injury for the first time at the start of the season. He said: “After the injury, it took me three months to fully recover and then return to the court. After another month of running, I was finally able to and the Teammates competed on the same field. I did a lot of physical reserves during the recovery period. In addition to daily training, I also did workouts. “

Regarding the upcoming AFC Champions League, Zhang Yuning said: “The good performance in the Chinese Super League helps me play in the AFC Champions League. I am eager to score goals in the AFC Champions League, and I continue to work to achieve that. One point.” , my fitness is at a good level, so I hope to score goals this year. “

Guoan has already completed a team game. The team beat Chiang Rai United of Thailand 1-0. In this regard, Zhang Yuning said: “We lost the first game of last season (we lost Jeonbuk). That is unfortunate, and in the end we did not qualify for this defeat. We defeated the opponent in the first game of this year. It is very important. This victory is confidence. it has given us a lot and we have laid a solid foundation for the classification. “

Then Zhang Yuning said, “AFC is very different from the Chinese Super League. We have to be fully prepared for the difficulties. We respect every opponent and we will do everything we can in every game.”

In the end, Zhang Yuning concluded: “I think we will qualify in the end. Guoan is the strongest team in the team. After achieving the qualifying goal, I hope to make new strides and win more and more games this year.”Return to Sohu to see more


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