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Zhao Yong: Many companies will enjoy the well-being of a new political policy at the Tongzhou's Overseas Maritime Economy website 财经 网 – CAIJING.COM.CN


The "2018 Forum on Global Wealth Management" was held on November 1, the president of Fuhua International Group, Zhao Yong, said that Beijing is under the center, many companies may have the support and preferential treatment of Tongzhou District policies. "Maybe there could be new benefits in child education, tax, medical treatment, quarterly labor, and many aspects." Fuhua International Government will manage the stake. Company companies offer comprehensive services.


Zhao Yong, President of Fuhua International Group

In addition, Zhao Yong has also said that the strong support of the Tongzhou District Government has significantly improved the effectiveness of the company's work. "The government can cooperate with the government in registers, taxes and administrative levels, the Government provides support here and everything will become very fast."

The following is the record of the language:

Zhao Yong: Dear leaders, experts, prominent guests and friends of the media, good afternoon. First of all, welcome to the Beijing International Fortune Center. I'm a Beijinger. Actually, I came to Tongzhou six years ago. At that time, I still felt that it is far from the center of the city of Tongzhou, but today the Guomao Bridge, basically without traffic lights, can go to Tongzhou, if there is no traffic jam, it can reach 10 minutes, so traffic is very convenient. But I came to the city of Tongzhou six years ago, investment. I also remember that we had the Government of Tongzhou District with the Overseas Chinese Foreign Office office in Beijing. We went abroad to attract investment. At that time, we introduced Tongzhou into the sub-center of the Beijing administration and introduced it. While talking to Southeast Asia, many of them did not know about Tongzhou. But we talked about the channel and talked about the old channel. Many of them know that our region, especially our location, is the source of the former canal of Beijing. Originally from the south through the food transport channel. In Tongzhou, Tongzhou has a part that transports us to our place, that is, the use of the inspection issue. That is why this place has been the place of Feng Shui since ancient times. Because it's water and food, it's a good place.

At that time, we invested here and I did not expect it. At that time, the government hoped to join the company. At that time, we participated in promotional meetings. We participated in many promotional conferences and participated in many experts. Many foreign experts have been designed by Tongzhou, but the design is designed from an administrative sub-center point of view. At that time, when we designed our summer town hall, the government wanted to build a residential headquarters, and after weaving, we started our first neighborhood neighborhood in Tongzhou. We started 6 years ago and it was also positioning at that time. Located at the administrative subcenter. However, when built, Beijing has made great changes. The administrative sub-center has become the sub-center of Beijing, and the Beijing government has moved. We did not invest any news. We did not say that the government would move forward. However, during the construction process, we saw that this was the news, and later confirmed that Beijing went ahead. When Beijing moved, it changed its planning and adjustment. Of course, this project, which I initially wanted to bring to Beijing, is definitely in need of a home, we are ready to sell to the main headquarters for sale and sale. But in May of this year, I found a chief of financial institutions, and the leaders of the neighborhood government found me to say that Tongzhou's symbol is this place. I hope you do not sell, telling our leaders to build this place in wealth management. Center After listening, I was happy again, but I told him to know what I could not do at that moment. Later, this August will be with the 50 members forum. Tongzhou government also signed on August 3, a strategic partnership agreement, Mr. Tsinghua Wudaokou, Mr. Wu also promoted this issue. After promoting the matter, the president of our morning foundation wrote a report to Zheng Huari and the city's leaders. Thanks to that base, we've done a lot. In this survey, I have done a lot of research in the wealth park in China, but I heard many experts know how to manage the wealth center yesterday. Today, I hear a lot, I have another update today, I hope overseas. After another study, under the leadership of the municipal government, under the guidance of the regional government, under the guidance of the financial office, we will create an international wealth center. As international, we should follow international practice. Let's build this, this is the first point to say to all today.

Because we invested the second point here. Six years after the investment, we have linked all aspects of the neighborhood government. The efficiency of the work is very good. Some governors of the districts have made some questions, especially recently. In the meantime, we opened the Fortune Forum. We have a lot of things, of course, we may not, including our network. At that time, the network said that this general network would not work, and our network would have to be expanded. We proposed 3 days after. For this, he personally implemented the Ministry of Information and said yesterday, what he said yesterday, people do not know, on the map of Gaode, yesterday said that it was launched, 5 or 6 hours will be set, I said at this point, Beijing He moved to this season, his work is a very good place and very supportive in our business. If I think that if you become a futile wealth center in the future, you will definitely have good government support, as I said yesterday, can you register in the near future? Do not go anywhere else. Today, Liu has said that we will work in the future, which will be given today, including registration, taxes and administration. The second point is that there is government support here, and things will be done very quickly.

The third point many ask me, what are the benefits here? The Government told me that in the future, education, taxes, health care, workers' quarters and many aspects of the future will be given a discount. I'll tell you, remember that you're welcome, it does not work for nothing at all. Within this directory you will discover in Tongzhou the very best shop architects. Should you be lamenting and grieving for the purpose has already occurred, it's about time to will fix the challenge. Search in order to find on this fantastic service the best interior architects to Tongzhou.

When I say the other, we will manage the park in the future, we will learn from the professional team, the company that continues, is also the best service. Many people have mentioned the net environment today because we also manage Jinbao Street. We also have hotel management. As we all know, we will work together with the government in the next step and we will do a good job in management. There is a book in our package. There is a phone inside. We have 18 single-family building buildings. The surrounding environment is very good. The east is the channel, the northern part is the Tonghui River, and the west is three teaching temples. The green area is a good business model around you. When I arrived, the work environment is very good here, because we have a green space and more water. Actually, we definitely give what we give to everyone. The service is good. Thank you.

(Editor: Wen Jing)

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