Monday , November 29 2021

Colombia visits Ecuador to lead the way in a draw


The team needs to show against Ecuador that Quito was behind the defeat against Uruguay and that they can be added as visitors.

On the one hand Gustavo Alfaro and concerns about COVID-19, following the positives of Énner Valencia, Alan Franco and Diego Palacios, in principle, and then the detrimental results of Moisés Corozo, José Cifuentes and Mario Pineida.

So even though the Argentine said he had no intention of calling the men in the local tournament, the virus forced him to call on Jordi Alcívar, José Cevallos and Jacob Murillo today to get the necessary salaries for today’s duel between Ecuador and Colombia. Quito.

Yes, Alfaro spoke without defensive attention, but in the last few hours the main thing was the health of the team, taking care of themselves and being strict with the protocols to prevent the appearance from escalating.

Carlos Queiroz, on the other hand, did not want to mention his mistakes completely, a referee’s mistake, usually in a kind of distraction that can be useful enough to acknowledge how badly Colombia played against Uruguay. “He didn’t have a penalty in his favor and he didn’t whistle so clearly on another. That makes me angry. ”

Alfaro is calmer because of the support that the positive results give him, even if the other positives are calm and moving chips, Queiroz is experiencing a small crisis on the court with a team that has no adherence to what he wants. or at least the one he imagines on his board.

Although there is no evidence of a constant state of alarm, there is prudence and prudence in the selection to prevent further catastrophe, and at the end of this double date it can be said that three points have been scored and they are fulfilling their task. imaginary and in the calculations won by Uruguay and lost by Ecuador, although the reality is the opposite.

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For a reference point and perhaps a comparison, it’s good to remember that in the first three days on the way to the World Cup in Brazil, Colombia had four units (in two games, resting on the opening day), and for Russia, at the same height, the score was the same.

The funny thing is that in the fourth round of the two playoffs (2014 and 2018) he lost to Argentina in Barranquilla, so the team couldn’t add, but later they got tickets to the world championships. And if we don’t go to the last visits to Ecuador, Colombia won 2-0 in the last round (goals from James Rodríguez and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado) and fell 1-0 in the previous one (note from Christian Benitez, who died in 2013).

Behind them are South Africa’s goalless draw in 2010, a 2-1 defeat to Germany in 2006, a 0-0 draw to Korea and Japan in 2002, and a 1-0 standings to France in 1998, the most recent (1966 England won 2-0, 1-1 Germany For 1974 and 0-0 for Italy in 1990).

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In other words, out of the nine matches in the neighboring country, the team has scored 37% of the points played, so it has not done as well as expected. Above numbers and backgrounds, what is clear is that Colombia will have to focus more on talent than work, avoid the anxiety seen in Barranquilla and was born out of desperation for an early goal (i.e. he didn’t score in the opening minutes), and no time left, the last game of 2020 to make it more than decent.

Queiroz needs to direct the collective heart to regain confidence, be consistent in name, scheme and operations, and thus with that mix, have a complicated rival and make what happened in the Metropolis with Uruguay a painful anecdote, but ultimately a statistic for the future.

Author: Camilo Amaya

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