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COLOMBIAN FAIRS MARKET | He talked about the father of James Rodríguez in Juventus and England (Bayern München, Real Madrid).

Previously, Juan Carlos Restrepo spoke with international and international media, thinking, knowing or expecting the future of "Tricolor". And in this new opportunity, the James Rodriguez coach, mentioned the possibility of Juventus for the departure of Bayern München, and he was also refused to return to Real Madrid.

Several times the official words or decisions of Restrepo have been taken, but it is clear that the players' interests, their representatives, clubs and the environment are not left-footed, and that is why we need to analyze it. If this complicates it, it helps, thinks or adds rumors and versions of what will happen in its career.

James Rodríguez's boyfriend spoke about this opportunity of Juventus and preferred him in England:

In an interview published by Marca Colombia It should be underlined that Restrepo spoke to James about what England talked about and that the player himself said there was nothing official or official. And the Tricolor & # 39; He has said he is a football player.

"There were rumors of several clubs in England, I asked about this issue, and officially told me there was no offer, if Bayern did not know it, he would think he would adapt perfectly to the Premier League. He seems"

In addition, in the case of Juventus Restrepo, he has heard an interesting version and Rodríguez is well-known but has no personal attitude.

"I heard a rumor about Juventus, especially after eliminating the quarterfinals of the Champions League Champions League, which is a very interesting opportunity in the world, and is a senior organization and is always a candidate for the Champions League"

James Rodríguez thinks his father is a positive option and thinks he can adapt to England, others may say what has happened, but Bayern München's purchase option puts 42 million euros. If it does not happen, it will be Real Madrid, which decides its next step.

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