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Controversy: he bought a discount for television success and did not deliver it [VIDEOS]


While suspecting Sosak, a Cali citizen, Diego Zapata, went to an Éxito store and bought two televisions in a special discount. He paid, he received a payment cancellation card, he claimed, but there was a mess, because the shop staff did not give it, because there was an error and the cost of the television was not.

Because it is something unusual, it responds to a question that a store can make when canceling a payment and, after making the payment, expects the client to cancel it.

According to figures, Success says workers have made a mistake, each television has a cost of 9,000,000 pesos and $ 900,000, 10 times less and the amount calculated by Zapata. Here are some images, where he asks Ezeo not to record people working.

According to Zapata, the events took place on November 16, 2018, and the ones bought were 65 inches.

After the event, Grupo Éxito made a statement in Colombia. "Before the video that is circulating on social networks, the customer presents the abandonment of two televisions in the last two days, the brand is clarified, it is not misleading advertising, despite the fact that advertising has never been reported through the formal means established for this purpose."

He added: "The purchase made when the customer left the warehouse, as the purchase being made is uneven, the customer will refund the money, as indicated in the procedure." Every day, we work to offer our customers the best service. November 19, 2018. "

Meanwhile, Vivian Sánchez posted on Facebook what happened. "On Nov. 16, Diego Zapata had legally bought 2 televisions for sale in the city of Cali, and left the store arbitrarily arrested and detained police, his mobile phone, his wallet, his television and his payments verified, the bills were cleared and the workers of the Exit without permission It was given to retailers who sold more merchandise, the Colombian Superintendent of Commerce and Industry and the Colombian Prosecutor General of Colombia.

In the United States, a similar situation has happened recently but the result was different. The entity acknowledged the error and delivered the product to the buyer.

Colombian close proximity.

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