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Equity Vs. Santa Fe: semi-final League Betplay result and goals of the match – Colombian Football – Sports

Santa Fe could not return to the lead for 78 minutes in the first leg of the league semi-final Equity. In the end, he equalized with a goal from Techo and will have to resolve El Campín’s standings next weekend.

Santa Fe not only had a chance to finish the first round of the semifinals with an advantage but also a wide goal difference. Goalkeeper Diego Novoa prevented that, the key to keeping Equidad alive before the league final.

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The Reds took the lead very early: the clock had not yet marked three minutes when a shot by Fabián Sambueza hit Jorge Luis Ramos’ head when he was ready to drop the ball and leave Jhon Velásquez in front of Diego Novoa’s defense.

Santa Fe’s ‘10’ didn’t score a goal against everyone throughout the phase and at one point ended up in the substitute chair after DT Hárold Rivera changed his position. He has now become the main player in the “cardinal” scheme in the semi-finals, with two goals against Deportivo Past in the second round of the quarter-finals and another now in the semi-finals.

Equidad probably had to change the script with an opposing 0-1. It took a lot of work to reach Leandro Castellanos’ goal and, better yet, he could extend his lead.

Novoa, who is experiencing a great moment, avoided it, making medium-range shots, as in a shot away from Sambuza, and also responding hand in hand around, as if to say the present and think of the future as an opportunity. To play for the national team, Carlos Queiroz has already called him on the microcycle.

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The history of Colombian football says that nothing is easy for Santa Fe. And when he needed to get a bigger advantage, the fans came to a nail-biting and painful play, via VAR: Sambueza went on to fight on a ball and ended up stepping on John Édison García.

According to the background, he was sentenced. And Judge Bismarks Santiago confirmed it after seeing different shots of the screen and Techo cameras. Red card in the 72nd minute and hold.

Video arbitrage could leave Equidad with 10 as well. According to the Santiago referee, the elbow from Joan Castro to Velásquez was a wonderful game and left him on the field of play.

Equity did not benefit the man as much as possible. Until the 89th minute, Pablo Sabbage took advantage of Castellanos’ rebound after a shot by Matías Mier. The match lasted three minutes while the VAR reviewed the Uruguayan’s kicking position. It was legal and so Alexis García’s team got a draw.

Santa Fe, the best venue in the league, will have the opportunity to decide the passage to a new final in El Campín. Maybe he deserved more than 1-1, but in this case, football is not about merits, but goals, and Novoa avoided them.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
Deputy Director of Sports

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