Sunday , March 26 2023

Experts progress towards the production of whole organ transplants


According to the work of specialist specialized media, the University of Kyoto University (Japan), the Institute of Life and Health Sciences, has conducted important research into the modeling of tissues to expand and expand their tissues. It would facilitate the path of mechanical auxiliary organs.

Specifically, the researchers looked at how to create an eye and the spherical mold.

"Our research also has the possibility of controlling the forms of" in vitro "- with the use of appropriate mechanical stimulation and forecasts – the current techniques are still limited," said Scientific Researcher Mototsugu Eiraku.

Another author, Saturo Okuda, has explained so far, that the basic modulating of each cell to stop creating the silhouette of the organism was not questioned.

Experts developed a computer simulation system to calculate the structure of a hundred tissues in three dimensions. Through this, a virtual eye was built to predict the process of forming the cell sphere.

Based on this, and applying it in mouse cells, the researchers mechanically tightened the specific points of the cell, in order to achieve the effect expected to change the shape of the tissue.

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