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Instagram has suffered security issues with user accounts – Apps – Technology


According to reports, the social network discovered a privacy issue in April


Instagram, the social network owned by Facebook, found a mistake in the platform's privacy functionality, as it received user information.



November 22, 2018, 06:40 a.m.

The Instagram mistakes in apps explain Facebook social networking user accounts. When the ordinary person is stored in a plain text file, the social network does not take measures to encrypt sensitive information, such as user passwords.

As it was reported by specialized international media, it gradually became an integrated tool in April. With the "Download your data" option, users can access data stored in social access and aim to fulfill the European privacy legislation called GDPR.

In the media portal of the information, according to the spokesman of the applications, "it was a failure internally and a very small number of people".

For the moment, Instagram has not revealed details about the amount of accounts that had problems with options.

The Privacy Tool allows users to find online browsing history, including publications, comments, ads, and "liked" activities.

In some users, the possibility of downloading data, which responds to a maximum of 48 hours, has been able to access their password to the social network URL address to download their information. This behavior, for example, as a password, will not be used for people who use public services computers and the history of browsing history.

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