Monday , June 5 2023

It went from $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 on black Friday on discounts


According to Fenalco Bogotá survey, 74% of the respondents will buy this discount.

Black Friday was originally born in the United States, while other countries, in Colombia, have adapted to their cultures in stores and stores. According to the survey conducted by the National Federation of Commerce (Fenalco) in Bogotá, 85% have informed the date, 74% of which are intended to buy Black Friday.

Purchase in the most ambitious categories, 27% of technology and household appliances, followed by 22% of clothing and footwear, and 17% travel, children's products, Christmas decorations, cosmetics, books, sports accessories and pet items, the desire to buy respondents.

All citizens who responded to the survey, 35% expect to pay $ 100,000 and $ 299,000, 25% would exceed $ 300,000 and $ 4,99,000 and 11% invest more than $ 1,500 in travel or technology purchases.

The results show that 54% of the respondents prefer to buy online, while the rest of the percentages are preferred to live experiences and stores. For payment media, for the first time, the credit card is the most used by 35%.

Juan Esteban Orrego, the director of Fenalco Bogotá, said that "it is a small trend that many bankers' alliances buy products with interest rates of 0% with their credit card to restructure their use over the last few years. In the survey, 34% pay debit card and% It's 30th in cash, so the credit is still very far from being the first option in shopping. "

Orrego added that "the confidence of citizens due to negative territories due to national issues, such as financing laws or, hopefully, the expectation of the accepted recognition of Bogotá is that the trader makes a huge effort to make discounts and promotions 70% the opportunity to make Christmas purchases and home-made items ".


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