Monday , July 4 2022

Latin Americans bought Black on Friday and on Monday


Buying a discounted discount on Friday in the winter of Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in Latin America is growing every year, and is pronounced in Chile, according to a study carried out by Visa.

The study covers seven Latin American countries (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic) and Visa electronic payment is made on Friday, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2017.

Transactions in the countries studied increased by 12% on Good Friday and 11% on Cyber ​​Monday compared to 2016, according to research by Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA).

Gilberto Chaparro, CEO of VCA, has said that Efe consumes a two-day discount, after Thanksgiving, measured by the transactions of the Visa card holders. It is growing in Latin America and this year we have to "continue".

The most famous two days is Friday. Average purchases of the same day during the last three years were 1.6 times higher on Monday.

In Chile, however, it is the leader in Latin America's "non-contact" payments, with a country with the highest growth.

Black Friday in 2017 Chilean purchases of cards increased 59% compared to 2016 and Cyber ​​Monday (Ciber Monday) increased by 63%.

Other important data are: Panamanian 35% growth on Monday and 22% and 21% rises, Colombian and Peruvian, Black Friday, respectively.

In Brazilian giant, Visa paid purchases grew 9% on Black Friday and 5% on Cyber ​​Monday in 2017.

Costa Rica was an exception, as there was no increase in cybercrime, but on the contrary, black Friday sales increased by 3%.

The Dominican Republic had a 7% increase on Friday and 5% on Cyber ​​Monday.

The study also shows that virtual purchases increased by 6% in these two days last year.

Friday Black, 15% of purchases from seven countries, corresponds to e-commerce.

In the Black Friday of 2017, the highest turnover in the countries analyzed was in billing houses, household appliances and gifts, while Cyber ​​Monday was the largest wholesale and electronic books.

One other aspect analyzed is the use of debit or credit card usage.

Chaparro Efe said they had increased the use of debt in seven countries at 16% in Black Friday purchases. However, in Chile, Panama and Peru, the increases were greater than the general ones (40%, 35% and 19%, respectively).

With respect to the countries analyzed, the average cost of purchases made on Friday in Black Friday is 6% higher than in other months of the year.

The total volume of sales was 69% higher than the Black Friday in 2017, than in the rest of the November. EFE

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