Wednesday , February 1 2023

NASA aims to make commercial flights and bring tourists to space


NASA needs the economic needs to seek out agency financing to meet the demands of private investors.

NASA may soon predict one of the biggest changes ever seen in history. The reason is that the US government does not want to take great agency costs and start plans to eliminate them in the coming years. In an unplanned and critical moment, It takes into account the new organizational horizons: private initiative.

This was recently published by Washington Post, which told NASA the intention of the White House to finance directly the 2025 International Space Station. All directors would be part of a plan that was being put together. Announced by the administrator Jim Bridenstine for two months.

And how would that be achieved? Well, Many millions of people are forced to spend their money on holiday faces. That is correct: NASA wants to sell commercial flights to bring tourists to space.

Agencies leaders and representatives of the private sector are very optimistic in creating alliances. As they explain, They hope to continue to innovate in order to achieve more infrastructure and financing.

Although NASA has nothing to do with the international space station, it does not end its useful life

What would be the options?

The proposal would mean selling seats directly to tourists to go to space. But not only, but it allows the NASA logo to be used for commercial proposals. It's not strange that in a few years, we see that space-saving astronauts appear on television.

They will sell their rights to designate their rockets. The idea is not so restrictive as to date, the use of the image for private purposes. In fact, they were able to participate in programs for the promotion of space activities with children with astronauts' dreams.

Keep in mind that the agency did not manufacture its own ferries later since 2011. For this reason, it has been linked to Roscosmos and companies like SpaceX and Boeing. For this reason, this section would be the only effect of the last years.

There are many options. For this reason, NASA should be careful about what to choose, but it is necessary to act before exhausting the funds.

NASA astronauts play tennis in space

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