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Rionegro Águilas and Eleven Caldas quarterfinals Liga Aguila 2018 – Colombian Football – Sports


Quarterly quarters were investigated and punished.


Debate in the game between Rionegro Águilas and Once Caldas.


John Jairo Bonilla / TIME



November 20, 2018, 10:47 p.m.

The final quarterbacks of the quarter final quarter of the Caldas and Rionegro Águilas began to be investigated in the Championship Disciplinary Committee. In two weeks, the representatives of both groups established sanctions. .

Instead of Rionegro Águilas, coach Jorge Luis Bernal will punish three days of punishment, and he will not be able to direct the junior middle class cycle; and Estéfano Arango punished them for four days and will not be able to play again for the season.

Also financed by the renowned conductor of Fernando Salazar, Diego Saldarriaga will not be able to sit in court for the next six days.

On behalf of Once Caldas, Ray Vanegas was punished for six days, counting another year. And the club must access third place in the third quarter, which will act as the 2019 headquarters.

Additionally, as already published, Fabián Andrés Alzate will not be able to enter a Colombian stadium in the next 14 months to attack one of the participants in the game.

This is the Bulletin of the Commission


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