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This Tuesday, President Iván Duque arrived in San Andrés, damaged by Hurricane Iota, after a walk through some of the streets of that city, and boarded another plane to Providencia, the area most affected by the weather, to arrive and arrived at around 13:30

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The president said they had flown over Providence before landing in San Andres, where they could see the damage left by the hurricane: destroyed homes, as well as trade and other infrastructure.

“We are waiting for the Navy’s conditions to be met in order to reach the territory of Providence. They are already anchored near the island and we will transfer more humanitarian aid today,” they said from San Andres.

From the air, on a flight, the first images of the island were recorded, which is isolated.

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President Duque flew over Providence on Tuesday morning.

The President meets with the governing group, including Housing Ministers Jonathan Malagón; Health, Fernando Ruiz; Mines and Energy; Diego Mesa; ICT, Karen Abudinen; Eduardo José González, Director of the National Disaster Risk Management Unit; Director of Social Prosperity, Susana Correa; Councilor for the Regions, Ana María Palau, and Head of the Archipelago Department, Alen Jay Stephens.

That is the preliminary balance there is one person dead and one person missing, but the president has warned that the number of injured is uncertain.

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Thus, initially the head of state, on a FAC-001 plane and coming from Cartagena, flew over the islands of Providence and Santa Catalina.

He later landed in San Andres, where he toured the island’s coastline, talked to the community, and met with his governing team.

At that first meeting, the Presidency stated that the President had given specific instructions to assist some officials in the flight of Providence and others to precede the meeting of the Joint Command Post (PMU).Shortly afterwards, President Duque flew home to Casa, when humanitarian aid was mobilized, to the islands of Providence and Santa Catalina.

Duke visits St. Andrew

This is a group of government officials who go to the emergency.

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Stronger than before, Iota reached ground level as a Category 5 hurricane, the strongest with a maximum wind speed of 260 km / h per hour, according to a report by the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC), but then began to lose strength.

It should be recalled that the Colombian Air Force carried more than 36 tons of aid in the last few hours on the ‘Jupiter’ plane for the people of San Andres, “Aid is good for us as part of the campaign.

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