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The battle between the Jamundí driver and the traffic manager

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January 31, 2019 – 10:43 a.m.


El País's writings

A shaky fight between a driver and a traffic jam from Jamundi was recorded on Wednesday afternoon through social media.

Nestor Lasso, Jamundiko Transitu Secretary, said "video clip clips only show participation, so it does not show that citizens were attacking the circulatory agent first and foremost, they were carrying out informal communication activities."

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Jamundí Traffic Secretary ensures that the driver will report it. "This person presents the version of the events and, for a moment, as a result of the abuse of the authority, we will start doing his actions".

Lasso "informs the transporters' transport always reacts when the authorities carry out some operations, because the incident happened because the guardian requested the corresponding documents."

Jamundin's driver was fought with a traffic agent

This event took place on Wednesday afternoon, as a result of the informal transport provider arrested by the authorities.

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