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The noises that your car needs – Sectors – Economy

Consider and identify the cause.

Over time, given the number of kilometers traveled and, in some cases, the driver's driving style, all the vehicles show the damage caused by the erosion and rupture of their parts.

Witches, rumors, bumps and handicaps are part of this soundtrack that should be worrying the driver, for surely something will not work properly.

If we listen, Identifying the most important thing is to locate it as soon as possible, since any damage that is not established over time can be damaging and expensive.

Then, the most common noise that can occur in your vehicle.


We usually hear them on the edges (police lying), when they get dirty in the holes or on the road. These represent a problem of suffering or damage: broken absorbent, torsion bar, spiral spas, arms or stabilizer bar. This problem should be resolved as soon as the vehicle's safety is compromised. The types of noise must be clearly identified and will be linked to the size of the suspension pieces, as it will be a bar of stabilizer rotating in a broken rubber wheel.


Changing the lateral direction and moving forward when we hear a trench, tac, tac, tac … similar to a trench, it may be possible to carry the common CV because it is a dust cover. It was covered and lost fat. If it does not remove it soon, it may damage the mouthpiece and cause the "drop" edge.

Bumps on the motorcycle

Noises are very serious and disturbing. There is a small one that is created when there is no calibration valve. If they play Pistoia, because the wafer was damaged and not due to bad calibration.

The most dangerous noise when the plugs of the laptop hit the blows, due to lack of pressure on wear or oil. When the smooth motor accelerates faster, this blow is deeper and more difficult than the valves they hear. If you have any doubts, you must disassemble the engine and fix it.

Correct yourself

If there is a penetrating sound that is rotating on both sides of the wheel, it is likely that the hydraulic pump will cross. Due to the low level of oil, the hydraulic air is also pumped into the system and bubbles.

When to buzz

When the vehicle is switched on and when the speed is increased. The damage may be in the bearings. Immediately if they are not planned, they should be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise they can compromise other items that are much more expensive. His identification, roll in the car in a quiet place and admit that wheel is rotated as it is in a curve. This additional side load will increase and increase the whirlpuning of the actuator.

Noises when braking

If the variable noise, the fuzzy and the brakes are more pressed, the cloth runs out and indicates that the disk is damaged, it works with metal with metal. If it is a pinch or a whistle, it is due to frequent vibrations due to the inadequate material and the latitudes of the back or not. The latter does not affect the quality and safety of braking.

Starting the Screech engine

When we listen to the motorbike, probably the alternator, the air conditioner and sometimes the belt of the pump that moves the pump is in a bad state or imbalance. If it goes out it is corrupt.


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