Monday , May 29 2023

The young man who killed Manizales's sister condemned: A 38-year-old prison sentence has been set to kill his sister | Manizales


Considering the opinion of legal medicine Alejandro Giraldo Montes, 26 years old, his five senses die, May 21st, his sister Manuela Giraldo, Seventh Criminal Court of the Manizales Circuit, 38 years, two months and 15 days in prison.

According to the information known in the legal process that was being carried out for Alejandro murder The 66-year-old sister instantly dug in a short weaponThey both lived in the Cypriot neighborhood of Manizales.

At court hearing, Alejandr named his sister, Manuela, the killer, and made consciousness and was not mad. Lawyer attorneys demanded a psychiatric opinion that the young man had all mental faculties.

Given the results of the psychiatric examination and the pre-approval of positions, the judge has been known.

The seventh student of nursing at the University of Manuela Caldas was doing practical work at the San Marcos hospital in Chinchiná.

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