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The festivals will take place between January 31 and February 3, 2019, with more than 150 writers, musicians, scientists, artists and intellectuals, who will be meeting around the city walls to discuss today's world.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Nigerian thinker is the leader of this edition of Hay Festival.Marta Pérez – EFE

Space for diversity and ideas. For this reason, Mircea Cartarescu, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Shirin Ebadi, Deirdre McCloskey, Diamela Eltitt, Dale Bredes, Zadie Smith, among others, is an event that offers interviews with various authors.

The scenarios set for this cultural event will not only work on art, nor within the global agenda. XXI. Dependent types of century activities, quantum times, the environment, climate change, economics and Afro-Caribbean cuisine will be discussed.

The festival traditionally stands out for the most important novelists, poets, philosophers, journalists and illustrators around the world. Invisible faces have been decisive in ideas, dialogues or struggles. Spaces will be dedicated to dialogue with Colombians, people with curiosity and wanting to talk about it, such as modern activism, orange economy, or Alzheimer's disease.

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The writer Yoko Tawada, winner of the Chilean National Literature in 2018, won the Ngozi Adichie National Literature in Chile, publishes books on books "Americanah" in the book "Memorias polar Bear" in 2018, "Diamante Eltitt". "Essay All We Should Be Feminists" There will be some writers who will play a great part in the festival to talk about literature, social challenges and feminism. In Colombian quotas, writers, Laura Restrepo and Piedad Bonnet. Doris Salcedo, a Colombian contemporary artist, will be one of the guests of the Cartagena forum.

The photo will be a documentary directed by Jesús Abad Colorado and Kate Horne: "The Witness: Cain and Abel", where Abad's stories are narrative during the war and what it was today.

Mark Thompson, President of The New York Times, has awarded 24 Nobel Prize-winners, between Xavi Ayén, Spanish magazine and writer; Mexican reporter, Alma Guillermoprieto, winner of the Prince of Asturias Prize; Gustavo Gorriti, Peruvian journalist and Lydia Cacho, published the book "#EllosHablan", an author and Mexican writer on gender, violence and childhood. Man's testimonies, relationships with parents, sexism and violence, "they will be people who are in charge of placing the journalism in the world on the table, and will propose possible solutions for the most important challenges to overcome.

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Musical shows will be credited to famous Colombian singers Totó La Momposina, Cumbia and Bull. musician and musician Monica Giradlo and saxophonist David Sánchez, winner of the Grammy. In industry conferences, Wilfrido Vargas will be renowned as "royal merengues"; He was also the guitarist of the Mexican rock band Joselo Rangel and the Spanish rock band Tacvba. They were the writer, journalist, researcher, musician, emitter and El Goce Pagano, the writer of the desperate novel and writer César Pagano. Bogota.

There is also a community program at the Bolívar departmental departments, Regidor, Turbaco, San Jacinto, Pinillos, Mompox and Santa Rosa de Lima, where their inhabitants can share their experiences with the historian. Diana Uribe, journalist Pilar Lozano and writer Jorge Franco, among others.

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