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These are the excessive balances of bank loans, ATMs or sales

Often, if we do not necessarily have or have our right-wing office or cashpoint at our bank, we make the closest ATM consultation, withdrawals, transfers or payments to any third party, regardless of the company, so that we can fulfill our obligation (it may be more expensive than you think).

The Republic explained, for example, if you only need to verify your card balance in ATM Av Villas, if you are not a user of this entity, you will have to pay 9,500 pesos and you will have 5,170 pesetas to withdraw. If you are registered with that organization, the query or withdrawal will be 1,690 pesetas.

Banco de Bogotá charges users of 1,700 pesetas for consultation or withdrawal or for 5.210 pesos for the same services for other banks.

Bancompartir users pay for 1,600 pesetas to consult or withdraw, and another 5,200 pesos.

Banco Popular charges 1,700 pesos to customers and does not exceed 5,116 pesos.

Banco Caja Social will not charge their customers for consultations or cancellations and they will be charged at a fee of 5,155 pesos.

Davivienda charges its customers 1,350 pesetas for retirement (no payment for consultation) and non-user entities for 5,155 transactions per transaction.

Bancolombia customers have paid $ 3,000 for retirement (they do not pay for the queries) and the rest of the users have a salary of 5,202 pesos.

BBVA charges its customers 1,950 pesos and 5,000 non-operators.

Here you can see a full list of posts by bank:

Republican infographics
List by bank. / Republic.

Currently, in the Republic Congress, a project is being considered for the elimination of fees and charges for management, with debit or credit card for banking operations.

Bank cards

The initiative has already been approved in the second round of the House of Representatives, and it is planned that the next two weeks will end in law.

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