Tuesday , August 3 2021

They cancel the “hidden party” at the nightclub where Juancho de la Espriella was

He said he was the victim of a robbery at a city hotel after making a public complaint on his social media, accordionist Juan Mario de la Espriella demanded greater responsibility from the authorities; However, it was known that the artist was the protagonist of a “hidden party” at a nightclub located in the north of Barranquilla, in which police and Covid Patrol intervened.

The video shows the accordionist violating biosafety protocols by participating in an event that exceeded the permitted capacity and, in addition, violating social exclusion regulations.

Due to non-compliance with established health regulations to prevent coronavirus infections, authorities began inspecting the site and determined to suspend the party while undergoing surgery.

Officials at the commercial establishment also detected that several masks in attendance were not being used properly.

Finally, it became known that the authorities had called on the public again to avoid crowding and non-compliance with biosafety protocols, after recalling that they could be punished.

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