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Vegan burgers win ground on Bogota restaurants – Vida

Vegan lifestyle brings more people every day. Reasons? Above all, Consciousness about consumption and other living things.

According to The Vegan Society, it is the oldest vegan society in the world. They are the most important reasons to look after health, protect animals and become a vegan planet.

Alexandra Herrera, a young woman who has been eating vegan food at four years of age, was interested in healthy foods, saying: "I was interested in this life because I realized the health benefits. In addition, it can help preserve the environment for all animals that produce the animal meat industry".

In trend, veganism is taking so much ground, and the demand for healthy products has increased as a dish known as a burger can not be ignored.

In Bogota, more and more vegan foods are being obtained in restaurants specializing in cows, supermarkets and stores, to take home. It's a great reputation, however, vegan people are also trying to cheer up.

This is the case with Valery Serrano, who prefers hamburgers with regulars. "I tried slices and chips, and I liked it a lot".

On the contrary, Nicolás Hernández, a student at the University of Andover, tested hamburgers and did not have a positive experience. "I ate a lentil at an electronic music festival and another at a college luncheon. The first one was not so rich and the other one, although much better, I did not know the burger."

Vegan hamburger

Some establishments choose croquettes that use flavorings or condiments that give flavor to the flesh.

Garbantzu and lentil patty are the most popular, although they can make many different ingredients. Croquettes that represent traditional flesh, such as beans, oats and soy beans, can be grains such as Lu Cocina Vegana, a Bogota restaurant. There are also lentils and carrots, quinoa and spinach or soy and squash to create combinations invented by Mestiza Alimentos for home use.

They also make the rest of the burgundy ingredients. You can use the line to continue Bread with bread or wholemeal bread, which has a lot of energy and fiber, which helps to improve gastrointestinal functioning.

"I'm interested in this style
I have a living health and I also look after the environment. "

Like friends, the variety is a pleasure. Apart from traditional lettuce and tomato, Avocado, eggplant, corn and mushrooms for delight.

Even if you like it, the taste resembles cow. In some establishments, they use aromas on the grilled croquettes on their grill. There are other types of sauces, such as barbecue, smoked sauce or tasty wood.

"Overall, The gastronomic variety of Bogota has grown significantly. Vegan Burger was held recently, and you realize that many establishments offer opportunities, "said Herrera in the capital of this country in March, with 34 restaurants.

Implications for health

According to the food and dietitian board members, Juan Camilo Mesa, "Vegan plants not only eat protein but also vegetables that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants".

Another positive effect of the organism is that "consuming red meat is not very helpful for health, because it is hardly saturated," says Mesa.

Regarding Quantum Quantities, he says, although they may not reach the proportions that the body needs every day. This largely depends on organisms, genetics, structure and, of course, food.

Herrera says "it is very happy that grains are consumed and give a sensation of fullness. You could have lunch or have dinner with a burger, but you should do so in a small way, just like other quick foods, it would not be good to consume daily."

In the vegan diet, Mesa says "a person is consciously vegan and does it, when it is decided by the help of a nutritionist, they are doing well."

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