Sunday , September 25 2022

All cancer patients will have complex centers for Health


PRAGUE All cancer patients will be new centers for complex centers. Complete well and well, it reaches the patient's hospital. Prague Echo, Brno and Moravia can carry out a pilot project of the Prague General Health Insurance Company. It promises to be more efficient and appropriate for you. Ron pibv v hand flat 87 tips with patients, cancer experience mich dog 560 tisc.

The number of patient patients is around 3.8%. It is necessary to take care of them, explained Ladislav Duek, Health Information and Statistics Director (CIS). In the pilot regions, there are about a million people and there are 250 patients. According to Duke, the pilot project is well-established and creates a methodology. If successful, a new equilibrium system will be introduced.

To coordinate a group of oncology in the region, it will take into account the intensive forms of co-operation with small hospitals in complex oncology centers. The first contracts will be signed by Zdenka Kabt, according to VZP publishers, in the following days.

According to David David David VZZ editors, the current system is fragmented and not organized for a long time. The patient is in the first lice, and is a practitioner or ambulance specialist. It's good to come in a very complex oncology center, he explained. Besides Karlovy Vary, he was in the region.

The aim is to quickly diagnose the patient, not repeat the same procedure and hospitalization as soon as possible and diagnosis. The most difficult cases would leave the center to the top, and nowadays they could accumulate hospitals.

We have kept this idea in our mind for a while, Jan Prausov, a Czech pediatrician. Likewise, the system also works abroad. As a result, patients will be under the control of the patient and the data will be available.

The Ministry of Health offered lectures on patients with cancer patients, without symptoms. If there is a patient's agreement, he can do regular practice based on a full-oncologist.

From January onwards, they will allow patients such as malignant melanoma, prostate, lung, breast, lung, throat, stomach, stomach, tumor, brain, neck and head, or complete decision.

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