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Along with the aging of the population, the auricular fibrillation auricular increases


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Prague – Along with the aging population, cardiac fibrillation increases, the three Czechs calculate more than 100. By the year 2030, this percentage could increase by 70%. The risk is high pressure or diabetes, but also resistance sports. Today, journalists say Martin Fiala, Head of Cardiovascular Care at Neuron Medical Brno, and Martin Fiala, President of the Czech Heart Association.

Head fibrillation is an irregular and often rhythmic heart rhythm that causes uncoordinated heart attachment. Uncomfortable rhythm can cause blood clots while the blood stabs in the heart. There is a risk of stroke; Fibrillation is the fifth case and the cause of a third case.

"The constant role has a healthy lifestyle, including symptoms, regulation pulse measurements and preventive studies including ECG," said Fiala. The worst wall of the heart can also sustain sports, and can also cause head fibrillation. The patient continues to drop in performance, such as tension breathing, for example through stairs. If there is a temporary or permanent fiber, five patients will survive one year.

The European health system accounts for € 3.3 million (€ 85 million). Treatment is possible, called antiarrhythmics or a medication called catheterization ablation, where it enters the heart through the arterial or the lining, when it is put into the heart at the end of the electrode, instead of cardiovascular fibrillation.

About 80 percent of patients are over 65, there are eight out of ten fibrillations. It's fifty-four. At 69, the risk of death is about 5%. Death usually does not cause direct fibrillation, except with a possible stroke, it exacerbates or exacerbates heart failure and, consequently, impairs heart function.



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