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April heat will be cool in May –

The first week of May will be below the average. At night, the temperature will drop to 3 ° C and the maximum temperature of the day will not exceed 12 ° C and 16 ° C.

Sunday will be cloudy, occasionally cloudy, it will be cloudy in the northeast and sometimes it will be cloudy, and it will rain for dinner. The highest temperature of the day will be around 11 and 15 ° C, south-east Moravia at 17 ° C

The new week starts with a star-shaped sky and the highest temperatures of the day will begin on Monday, 10-14 ºC and Tuesday, from 12 to 16 ºC. Storms and temperatures sometimes continue on Wednesday and Thursday.

It also applies to the weekend. At the end of the cloud the cloud disappeared. High temperatures 12 and 17 ºC.

Medium warming

Next week it will be normal for long-term forecasts, and nighttime temperatures will be around 8ºC in May and the average daily temperature will be around 19ºC. In terms of precipitation, they must be average.

Monthly forecasts created in the Czech Republic. It is not possible to predict specific temperatures at a given day and can not affect the different weather districts. Describes the weather trends in general.

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