Thursday , December 9 2021

As of Wednesday, 15 people are allowed to attend weddings, funerals and services, in a larger group people can also do sports | House


Prague As of Wednesday, Nov. 18, instead of ten people, 15 people are allowed to attend weddings, funerals or services. The government approved the measure on Monday in the Czech Republic since the measure restricting free movement was changed. The Cabinet has adapted the document to comply with the measures based on the risk score of the PES of the anti-epidemic system. The exemption from the ban on free movement will also apply to outdoor sports.

Under current measures against the spread of coronavirus, ten people can attend massive indoor events, weddings and funerals. The new measure, which is set to last until the end of the state of emergency on November 20, changes that number to 15 in line with the fifth stage of the PES table.

Currently, the fifth measure, which is the worst grade, is applied in the Czech Republic. If the number is below 75 by Wednesday, the ministry will propose to the government to calm the measure. It could be applied from next Monday. Currently, the risk score in the Czech Republic is 70 out of 100. At the fourth level, 20 people would be accepted for weddings, funerals or services. 30, 50 in the next stage and 100 people in the best first stage.

The Cabinet, which is in crisis, is also another exception to the ban on the free stay of people during the day. With regard to the exception of travel for the purpose of being in nature or in a park, he added the possibility of free movement of sports in outdoor sports facilities. Other exceptions include going to work, family, family, or a doctor.

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