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Banksy left graffiti in London. It responds to environmental entrepreneurs


A new graphite attributed to Banksy Marble Arch appeared in the north-eastern corner of London's Hyde Park. In addition to style, it also speaks of the symbolism of the place. Environmental entrepreneurs have settled for almost two weeks. Graffiti depicts a knee-jerk girl on a newly planted flower and has the logo of Rebellion Rebellion, which has hosted London's climate protests. Scene "From now on, silent despair and tactics begin".

Other banks on the wall on the wall appeared on Thursday night in one of the occupied environmental activists in London. John Brandler, has more than ten pieces of street art, has not questioned his authorship, he wrote in The Guardian.

Brandler Banksy's creator is based on two arguments: the subject of ecology is a collector's subject, and Brandler keeps track of graffiti in a garage in Port Talbot (Wales), demanded by Banksy.

"Signing in the corner is not important, it's a signature job, and it's Banksy, it's a beautiful expression and a beautiful piece," says Brandler. Graffiti appeared in Marble Arch on the northeast edge of Hyde Park – a place occupied by environmental entrepreneurs for almost two weeks.

Banksy has not yet been nominated

According to the BBC, Extinction Rebellion has three basic conditions: zero carbon emissions in 2025, the establishment of the "Civic Assembly" to seek solutions to environmental problems and the government's "true climate change".

"We know that Banksy's works appear in Marble Arch throughout the night," said the Westminster Council spokesman. "We want to be open to the public," Nickie Aiken's board of directors wrote on Twitter.

Banksy has not yet ratified his work.

The graffiti of this enigmatic artist appeared on the walls of Bristol, Banksy is proud of his anonymity, but his works are often sold at hundreds of thousands of dollars. He also left work in the United States and Gaza, not only Britain but Britain.

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Banksy posted a new job. It should point to environmental pollution

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