Sunday , September 26 2021

Blatný returned to Laura swollen. The Czechs were improving day by day

“If we don’t all act responsibly, unfortunately it will be restaurants, clubs and bars that will be closed again,” Blatný threatened on Friday.

The Czechs attacked open companies in several places, and police had to deal with a number of crimes against measures to increase coronaviruses on Saturday night. Police spokeswoman Kateřina Rendlová did not specify how many such trips were made and exactly how the measures were violated.

More specifically, the minister on Saturday cited information from the police president. According to him, the police went to the companies that were open from 10pm on Saturday night, despite the ban.

“Massive irresponsibility is completely unacceptable,” Blatný called on the Czechs. And they had to remember his words. The police did not have to deal with a serious offense by Sunday night, it was reported Sunday morning via a Twitter account.

“We thank the operators for respecting the closing hours of restaurants, bars and visitors,” the police added, and the minister himself called for tightening controls and imposing fines on the upper border, i.e. millions of kronor, for operators who open from 10am.

I don’t want to be scared, but …

Blatný repeatedly states that the current situation is fragile. “I don’t want to be scared, but we’re still on the border between third and fourth grade. Do we really want to go back to ‘flat’?” He asks.

It is mainly based on the PES system, in which the risk score is calculated on a scale between zero and one hundred. In recent days, the Czech Republic has seen a value approaching the 60-year mark.

PES degrees on a point scale

Photo: MZČR

However, it is still not exactly how the Czech Republic is today. The Ministry of Health’s website, where the PES index is published, has been affected by technical issues and the originally published Saturday numbers will change over the course of Sunday. There were also problems publishing information on Saturday.

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