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Boinka Matušen Lucinka’s stomach hurts a lot, it’s cobydup –


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Perhaps only a few days separate Bohuš Matuš (47) and his Lucinka (17) from meeting the eager little girls. Future parents have reported that midwives are increasingly taking the floor.

16. 11. 2020 19.11 | Written by David Zápal

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Bohuš Matuš revealed the secret of the criticized love: exactly how Lucinka got pregnant

Lucinka has it for the couple

“Lucinka’s stomach hurts a lot. She’s been in pain for about the last fortnight and it’s getting worse. They’re midwives. It’s momentary, but more often,” said Bohuš Matuš (47).

“Lucinka doesn’t have to lie yet, she can work like she used to, but mostly it gets worse in the evening. We are ready, the maternity bag is also packed. It will come soon. I hope every day“Our excited future father was proud.

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Bohuš’s Lucinka’s pregnancy in the picture: growing belly and moving care


Initially, the last moments before the birth were reported that the partners would spend time at the house and give the birth outside the capital, but it is different. “We are at home in Prague, Lucinka will give birth to a daughter in a hospital in Prague “ added the singer.

It’s just a matter of saving a couple of thumbs up so that everything comes out as best as possible, and considering that they can’t wait to do it as soon as possible.

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