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Ladislav Špaček: Most people have not lost any choice of clothes


INTERVIEW / Original teacher, then a television editor, Václav Havel, a frequent spokesperson and public commentator and social label expert and Ladislav Špaček.

In addition to Prague, it is increasingly commonplace in Velké Karlovice we have seen recently in the Spa Hotel Lantern, which organizes various events during the ceremony. Especially the dining-room costumes have become traditions and are always sold out.

"I'm very happy here, the people are different from Prague – thank you, very helpful. It's always a wonder and satisfaction for me, how many protocols and other events have you taken part," said Ladislav Špaček in a conversation last month in a mid-November.

Eating and social etiquette is still a common issue. What is your current situation from your point of view?

I have to say that it has improved a lot. But despite the fact that people are very busy, it is a social wardrobe. They often give out the details and the pity. That's why, with my Naďa Labanová, we are preparing a new program dedicated to social welfare. We will introduce you to the Lantern for the first time on December 27th. Those who do not know in this area and I want to change it, I like it.

Do you know more about this novel?

The subject of social clothing is a great chapter in itself. Because almost all of them are interested, occasionally, when growns occasionally go to an event, they think it's a tie, whether it's fit or the length of the dress … Another type of clothing is a business company, a garden party or other theater It also has a visit. We have worked in a comprehensive way, discussing different types of clothing and relying on possible situations. Maybe men allow the company to get rid of their jackets.

What else do people still feel today?

For example, men can only tie a tie knot, even if the nodes are of two different types. Also, the shoes, the tape and the watch straps do not coincide with the principles that are the same. Women often make a mistake to choose the length of their dresses, as well as the cut in their shoulders. These dresses are suitable for a social evening, but they are not in a business environment.

As well as the new clothing program, you will arrive at Lanterne in the afternoon of December with a children's dining room. What is the typical "adult" different?

People often ask me how to impose the principles of social behavior of the child. In my opinion, however, it is important to be sure of this area and be a model for children. Therefore, the program "El saco y la reina" or Children's food protocol was created for children and parents. It's a part of it, it's a lesson for your parents, and you have a fairy-tale experience for children with a discomfort, a queen and a master's degree, in a fun and clear way. The experience is very pleasant. At Velké Karlovice, we are organizing on December 28th.

When will the other guests be able to get acquainted with Velké Karlovice the following year?

We return to the two tasting sessions with a label, on December 1st and 14th. And I would like to invite you to our next traditional show – Breakfast with Nada Laban and its guests. This time it will be on May 1 and Jan Čenský will be a guest actress.

You will return to the Lanterna Hotel for a year, thanks to the activity. Do you even relax? Do you want to go with nature or prefer the famous welfare?

I am an urban element, I do not go to nature. I use the time here to read, read, write, go to the pool … But it is essential that Lanter is his gastronomy. I'm interested in good wine and food, and it's the Lantern pin and my needs.

Thank you for the interview.

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