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Natálka Gross has a boy! The new love is the Opera Opera Phantom


Natalia Gross

21 November 2018 19:45

Natalia Gross (16) has a friend. An 14-year-old singer found herself directly in the theater. They play together in the Opera Ghost. Jan Franco's birthday is known for years as the spark has jumped.

"Yes, it's a boy," admitted Natálka. "We know each other for a long time, we love Fantom, we love theater," said Jan, as a young singer keeps a distant relationship, because the singer lives with České Budějovice. Travels several weeks to Prague.

He and his mother Šárka Gross have accepted. "Mummy accepts everything, I love it, it's amazing, it did not have to have a special check," added Natalka Hanka Kynych's Dotación Fund's charity event, where she sang and showed her new love for the first time.

Gabriela Wolfová .

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