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Neasov wants to throw his daughters with the luxury mrap of EZ Benee, the judge throws him in the game | Start


PRAGUE Jan Neasov was fighting against his luxury mrap. During the days when politicians, directors and ednk had these deputies, Petr Nease was the secretary of the prime minister. Now it can be dl spch pietla. The best court ruled against the ruling, he left Aldo alone against Daniel Egoi's obligation to deliver stairs. The first energy colossus raised more than 300 tons.

Jednaticet. In 2012 and 2013, Neasov (two Nagyov), according to alobc, paid special attention to the former members of Nease. Colors, coins and watches were among the dwarves. Together with more than 10 million crowns. Give me and NOT Daniel Bene. Since he got the Neyas handbag and his little money, it was a gift. All were Christian Dior characters. Benee columns make a 343-ton crown.

Neasov, according to the donation, gave no gifts, so they were put in court. The other day, he was financed. For this reason, he had to pay more than 700 tonnes. In order to decide on financial order you can sacrifice your gift. In this case, Jae was not successful in the first round, but he was fascinated by him. According to's server, the fairest court has spent a week after its casinos.

The ruling of the Court of the City of Prague on April 19, 2018 has been abrogated and will be returned to the court for another woman, Judge Kaniov sentenced judge. Which arguments have been sent, not clear? Odvodnn nie je hotový. Ml and Advokat Neasov in this case Michal Bure. Sorry, but I do not have any questions about the phrase and the customer first, say

In all assault donations, Bene's attention was developed by Neas's argument in two deaths. First of all, it was told that the tax authorities withdrew this document from the Board. The existence and obligations of the gift were not finished. According to Neas, there is no support for this process. At the same time, he doubted whether he had billed the economic event.

Neasov has given 29 alobin for his gift

Mestsky's Supreme Court in Prague did not meet this year, but he did not accept arguments. Ednci, according to him, worked perfectly. According to the court, this discrepancy is inadequate and reasonable to decide to resolve this evidence, to make the decision of the court available to Judge

They will be treated again by the City Council after the Justice Tribunal. How much you can think of to get this pension can only be the mother's birthday. It has not been clarified, in order to sit down again. Here is a file of the High Court, said to be called into court, Markta Puci.

Jana Ne
215 day ring found that Neasov did not think he was willing to earn a pension. According to him, he wants to give himself all the attention he wants to give himself up. 10,132,886 paid by 736 total of the total gift gift in the crowns. Bene Bene's presentations were 22,617 crowns. alob pan alobkyn (Neasov) is against the appeals of the Financial Office in our court 29, said Puci.

In the past, Bene had not explicitly excluded Neas. Ask alobc nicmn about construction. Although Vick and Birthday are well suited, they do not move financially, they appear in the press again. In fact, in the past, these speculative spears made a percussion, today they were caves and came before Prver's EE.

Documents unfinished

Nezdann goes to the cowardly case, only in June 2013 pd was in the Neas cabin. In this case, the Criminal Court occupied the Civil Court of 2016, when Neasov was bribed in a bribe. This line is also called another three ODS deputies, which should be able to carry the company (half). In this, Neasoven's response is overwhelmed, like Neas.

10 million crown gifts

According to the prosecution, cousins ​​Neasov, except Daniel Benee, have been granted Businessman Daniel Ketnsk, lobbyists Vladimir Johanese, Ivan Lapin, head of the council of Severoeskh, Environmental analyst Tom Chalupy, Former editor Martin Hoek or the young lawyer Karel Muzike.
Among the gifts, for example Perlov nhrdelnk Cartier has 1,127 million crownsChristiana Dior's koi 590 tons of crowns, Christiana Dior bag for a 275-ton crown Certi 215 tisc ring.

Likewise, the circumstance went on, and he continued in that stream. As a savior, the Petr notes from the Czech Republic and Karel Schwarzenberg came to some foreign ministers, but Schwarzenberg was a dream. The Exministrator spoke. Petr Neas, the last actor and his son, Roman Boek, ministry of ministry, heard the story of his wife.

Everyone must be punished, but the cause does not end this year far. Dokazov has not yet finished, it has been confirmed to the days given, has been notified to the server Dana indelovi, to be summoned to the Court of Criminal Court 1, when this case is taken. To continue in the third quarter of this year, they will be between January, April and April.

a sudden situation occurred. Judge Helena Krlov said on June they did not take note of the evidence. The Court does not assume that the Court has ruled in court, he said. Podlesoudkyn's policeman did not use all the monks to recover their knowledge. However, the first of the techniques of the operation, first of all, can monitor the proper traffic.

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