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ON-LINE: Celebrated on November 17 in the Czech Republic, Babiš and Klaus Národní arrived in třída


9:23 – According to Klaus, the previous 31 years have been an ideal time. Then the situation began to deteriorate a little. According to him, the present phase is sad and the past reminds us in many ways again.

“We should be glad that this has happened,” he added, adding that the demolition of the prosperous non-democratic system was a turning point.

9:15 – Former President Vaclav Klaus it has reached the national avenue ten and a quarter earlier. Unlike the others, he was content with the veil under his chin.

9:12 – The US Ambassador Stephen King also wore the Národní třida crown this morning.

Jana Maláčová and Jan Hamáček in the films Národní třída

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9:03 President of the CSSD and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček he visited the national avenue with the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Malacova. Several spectators were accused of collaborating with Prime Minister Babiš and the Communists.

8:06 – “Unfortunately, we now have limited liberties as a result of the 19 pandemic cowardice,” the prime minister said.

“We need to remember when we see what is happening in Belarus,” he said, referring to the ongoing protests against President Alexander Lukashenko against the election.

“I think it will be done in peace,” he added, with the intention of spending the year at home with his family.

Andrej Babiš, Alena Schillerová and Radek Vondráček in the film Národní třída

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7:59 – Set the crown also came Prime Minister Andrej Babiš with Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (Yes Yes).

7:36 – Vondráček advised the people to avoid as many gatherings as possible and recalled that last year he went to Národní třída with the then Senate leader Jaroslav Kubera, who died suddenly in the spring.

Vondráček justified his first arrival in the morning by saying that he was taking a traditional trip to nature with his friends.

7:30 – The crown of Národní třída was placed Radek Vondráček Speaker of the House (YEAR).

Radek Vondráček on Národní třída

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7:04 – Early in the morning on Národní třída Day in Prague, people carry candles and flowers with peaceful students to a memorial site commemorating the savage intervention of the Public Security against demonstrations.

National class

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Already on the eve of the holiday, the Million Moments Association organized an online protest against Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), which was also attended by opposition representatives. In the next parliamentary elections, the association wants to strengthen and expel the democratic opposition ANO and Babiš movement, accusing it of arrogance and conflict of interest.

Tuesday’s demonstration in defense of the independence of Czech television and public media, backed by initiatives to return the State and Freedom to the Media, should take an unusual form. Protesters should be in cars due to hygiene restrictions.

The regular concert against Totalitarianism, organized by the Academy of Performing Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Václav Havel Library, will also be online this year.

After dark, dozens of buildings in Prague and other cities should also shine with the colors of the Czech tricolor.

17. November 1939: After anti-Nazi protests, the Nazis closed Czech universities on November 17 and received numerous arrests. The Nazis executed nine student leaders and transported more than a thousand students to concentration camps.
November 17, 1989: The approved Prague demonstration marked the fiftieth anniversary of the closure of Czech universities and officially ended with the march of some protesters to the city center, where participants wanted to express their disagreement with the communist regime of the time. Police slowly Národní trida of peaceful demonstrators were surrounded and violently beaten. As the savage intervention was reported, the so-called Velvet Revolution began, which brought down the totalitarian regime.


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