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REVIEWS: Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a real superhero of the new generation


Video games with Spider-Man are more than we can afford. That’s why we won’t even try. The two-year-old Spider-Man praised the title of most pedals for the PlayStation 4 with its first graphics, Hollywood message, sunny life, and finally gameplay. But personally, I don’t think it was the best video game made with a spider man. My favorite, which still resembles memories, is Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

But back in Spidey’s Rk 2018, where, in addition to well-known comic book characters, Miles Morales appeared in the supporting role. This sympathetic young man with African American and Puerto Rican roots grew up in his childhood in Brooklyn and has now become Harlem, where he also had a strong personal relationship with New York. Just as a genetically engineered spider bit Peter Park, the rebellion gained superpowers.

More walking skills, not Peter Parker

And not just any iceberg. He was overtaken by the famous Spider-Man before Lenkov took a crack. Miles soon meets Peter, who becomes his guardian. But super-hearts also need a vacation. Peter flew to Europe with Mr. MJ and left the protection of the Big Apple in the hands of a few inexperienced Mile.


Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Of course, he didn’t spend much time there and New York was involved in the fight. This time, the terrorist organization The Underground and the multinational petrochemical company Roxxon Energy Corporation have advanced the technology. So choose the street. The pbh of the game is that no one notices or looks at it. He is a great superhero. Excellent star Miles Morales with the TV and only the voices of Nadji Jeter will get the average pbh. Her mother is a great second for her friend. They also have time to write interviews.

The English dubbing is sparse and, as is common at Sony, the game has professional Czech subtitles that anyone will appreciate. In terms of game style, takaici is a traditional comic. Miles swing, for example, with the help of a network that covers the whole of New York, helps friends on side dishes with the In a Good Neighbor Spider-Man app, and of course fights the bad guys.

In addition to encountering wars between two inseparable parties, the pace will also be with the leader. The combat system is the same as last time, so you smooth out the fighter with multiple enemy attacks. toit from side to side is no problem with Miles. Only those QTE peit could forgive games. As they change, the new Spider-Man has more abilities than Peter Parker. Venom is all about the bio electricity you charge on the grid, it charges your electrical equipment and greets you. Conflict is not the only way to deal with criminals.

Neviditeln Spider-Man

Miles can make themselves invisible for a while. To the word, I steal the procedure we have set for ourselves. Spider-Man became Assassin’s Creed for a time. As in the past, you can now quickly unlock new abilities. One hundred fights, poison and masking. Also try new suits, they were not small and many of them have a great design. Along with these, you do not gain specific abilities, but rather a modifier that can be transferred to other bones.

Peter Parker Remastered

Along with Spider-Man: Miles Morales also introduced Play Spation-Man with the original Spider-Man, including a DLC version of The City that Never Sleeps, a pre-mastered version. Not only did he get a well-known improved visor, he also got a new protagonist. The role of Peter Parker was replaced by the original actor John Bubnia (23), who gave the model Ben Jordan (26) a move to capture his digital form and voriginle.

This sexy game is reminiscent of Tom Holland (24), who is now Spider-Man in the Marve movie universe. The drummer bears a greater resemblance to Tobey Maguire (45), who lived as a spider in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Parker chooses Yuri Lowenthal (49) to choose a version of the video game, who knows he’s pretty young, not really. With the active spin-off the original Spider-Man Jordan is understood.


Marvels Spider-Man – change of appearance

Of course, there is also a theme on the map. This time you will record Underground, time capsules and music beats. We had a lot of fun with the last activity. Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a nice soundtrack. Your interface will attack enticing traps and hip-hop attacks. It’s impossible to get to the front edges, but the new Spidey has a chance to be a new game +. Also, after the last duel, you can continue to be brave for a long time.


Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Since Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not a classic sequel in the true sense of the word, but a spin-off, they were afraid it was a very short game. Bug lions! Complete the main group with the second missions in about 10 to 12 hours, and get another five hours if you want to complete the rest of your life activities and get what you want. As it is a new generation game, everyone was interested, of course, in knowing how the new Spidey will be from a technical point of view.

PlayStation 5 hardware designed for SSDs means you won’t have a lot of time to burn time. The game is not at all tight for the first time, about nine seconds pass, the game starts about two or three. This is a tremendous advancement in technology. Graphically, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a visual addition. The forts in New York were covered in snow, and the atmosphere seemed incredibly magical.

Grafick ndhera, but …

The animations of the characters are smooth, their patterns very precise, including elaborate facial expressions. Textures all over New York have no precedent. As bad as the game will be, the bad decision is yours. You can choose two settings. In regime mode, the game is the best. B Although only at 30 fps, but it provides activated ray tracing and visual effects.


Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This allows the game to have realistic reflections in buildings and sidewalk meadows and make the sun set much more colorful. Md performance, on the other hand, offers 60 fps, but without any beautiful graphic effects. It should be added that the double of the flow is marked at the edges. It’s not that the new Spidey wouldn’t work at 30 fps, it’s not true at all, but know the difference. Of course at 60 fps the game is not so beautiful. It’s still pkn, but it’s not as amazing as the ray tracing. Therefore, let us not forgive ourselves in despair.

Couldn’t Insomniac Games do 60 fps with ray-tracing on next-generation hardware? We were used to the PlayStation 4 for this set or that, but we hoped to get rid of it for the new generation. So maybe pt. The use of the DualSense driver isn’t bad, often at the right times, but it’s not the sophisticated touch experience the Astros Playroom offers.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a completely hilarious, sophisticated and artificial superhero video game that is the perfect title to launch for a new platform. If you own a PlayStation 5, it’s a must. This is the best way to turn the edges into a new generation. We have to admit that from a game perspective this is not new. If you don’t have a new Sony maink, you don’t have to give up. Spider-Man: Miles Morales has finally moved to the PlayStation 4, whether he looks like a young lineup or not.

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