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The court decides whether the election will lead to the jail for six months


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Original judgment Tomáš Řepka only heard three months ago at the Brno Municipal Court. Katerina Kristelová was not going to go to the main court, and every time she asked for pardon. His presence was not expected on Thursday in appeals session.

During the six month arrest arrested during the rape. He was immediately sentenced to his punishment for his partner. The prosecutor's office, Jan Petrás, surprised the advancing progress.

"Well, I remind you, something special in this case. Tomáš Řepka defended himself and the other, Kateřina Kristelová, Kateřina Kristelová, who had failed. In other words, Kristel had no appeal, and this was not the only thing I knew earlier. I think most of my members, "said Petrasek,

Rappen's condition is judged unconditionally. However, he appeared against Kristel. His punishment is "the price of a holiday", to a lesser extent.

Call me, I like it

In the court of rape, Kristella ended an escort announcement and two perfect failures, in the name of Rep's wife, named Vlaďka Erbová.

Part of the ad published by Vlaďka Erbová

Part of the ad published by Vlaďka Erbová

First, the announcement was published in September on the website, posted on the website "Vlaďka privát Brno", with the text: "Call Vlaďka on the phone, call and arrange an appointment … I'm attractive at school, trying to do anything … Do not worry Put I like to get in touch with you. "

Photographs with the announcement were made, in which the public could know models Vlaďka Erbová. The published phone number has also been added.

After that, some false false names "Romka007" and "Cikanecka007" have appeared on pornographic websites Through this, someone talked about Erb and talked to people interested in sex. What happened to the model and why his phone suffered serious news, he removed his words. The police began to face the case.

"Once he started who was behind me, I collapsed. I could not sleep in a day's way, I could not sleep. I'm looking for psychiatrist, now I'm going to do some therapy," said the tear.

AUDIO: Listening to the damaged Vlaďky The Arms was very emotional (23. 8. 2018):

Darkness in the eyes

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Erb. But if we did not name the rape, we're not here," said former husband. He only acknowledged the first attack – establishing an escort announcement.

"These relationships (ex-wives) are not good, it's a tension, I can not see a boy, so this situation has already been exaggerated when I had a short circuit and I did this thing, of course I was sorry. A boy was stupid" said Repek.

The Bank's camera warned that escort advertising paid for the accused pairs. From Zelandia, Kristel ordered the payment of the data, "Pornoinzerát" for rape.

"Why was Mrs. Kristen with you?" Judge Hanna Bartoňová was interested. "I went to work at Barrandov, and I did not know how to drive, I asked to drive to the nearest bank, I did not know what to pay. I set the number I had written on my paper, I told him it was not surprising to pay the mountain deposit. he was going to his mobile phone, "explained Repka.

"Do you take part in your purse?" The judge asked. "That's mine," the defender questioned. "Is your wallet?" "Yes," said Rape. "Or … that's Kačky," he sought to change himself in the registry. "I lost twenty crowns," he explained.

VIDEO: Bank images. Rape paid for Christ's announcement (September 19, 2017):

"The contact email was [email protected]. You have also built," the judge continued. "Of course," replied the footballer. "Did you know that for a special purpose?" – "My friend helped me, he advised me how to start advertising" – "Why did you help?" – "I do not know how to do it. I did not tell him the real reason. I chose the password myself, but I forgot it. It was not important to me," said Rape.

"You can tell who this friend was," said Vlaďka Erb Deputy Minister. "No, no doubt," the defendant denied.

The second email was used by the same email, when the profile "Romka 007" was set up on pornographic websites on September 22, 2017. As far as possible, Ratka could not be explained. He and Kristel refused to deny anything in this regard.

On September 29, 2017, the third terrorist called "Cikanecka007", Erb, was found on September 29, 2017 at a tour of the Légère Amfora football hotel in Luxembourg, including Rape and Kristel.

"He was seventy-seven years old. In the afternoon we drink boys, we've talked about everything. I did that (it created an escapist's fiction), so the question is because someone did not use it against me, did not do it, he did not want revenge, I do not know, "answered Rabbit. "Mrs. Kristel was out of the hotel, she had a completely different feminine event, perhaps with Mrs. Bohdalová," said former footballer.

VIDEO: "We will go to crime, love." Kristel and Rape Jokes (3/2018):

Excuses and arrogance

"Are you thinking about the impact of your activities on the personal and professional life of Ms Řepková Bahenská?", Said Bartoňová, judge. "If you're in trouble and have darkness before your eyes, you're not thinking about the consequences. I did not think," Rabbit replied.

The judge acknowledged that all three acts of bankruptcy are guilty. Committed to rape at that time. If alternative decisions have not been proven (When he worked for 160 hours a day, he did not keep his son's maintenance, he spent 28.5 hours in court, because he left abroadEd. Red.), was sentenced to six months in prison.

The Christians are, according to the judge, able to prove their participation in the first attack: an escort advertisement through a bank camera record. Bartoòova, therefore, imposed his punishment.

The judge also said that Řepka and Kristelová said they had accused the Internet of being unfair. "Commitment, as the defendant, has repeatedly been repeated and arrogantly posted on social media, the ongoing penalization process, that is, a 44-year-old man and 39-year-old woman," added dodgyly.

Cursed, the lawsuit is not over. Traffic is being charged today. In December 2016, according to the archive, a million crowns were sold that did not sell a car. If they are condemned in this case, the judge may punish them for two or eight years.

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