Thursday , June 8 2023

The future of contact payments? Iris scan or block can be used –


Paying a contact with a non-payment card, virtual card in your mobile phone or watch – is a real cash payment for the goods and services of the Czech Republic. In the future, however, methods of payment without banknotes and coins may increase and may be very diverse. is a study on the creation of Internet projects.

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According to the foreign study, Czechs would have to pay in the future, in addition to acquainted with plastic cards and smartphones, by means of implanted chips. Trends are called "hands-free" payments, that is, they do not need to be placed anywhere. Sensors in a particular area, for example, in a supermarket cash register, detect the necessary payment information and make a payment system without the active human involvement.

Several methods based on different biometrics have been tested. Confirming fingerprints is a reality in many mobile banking applications. In the United States, the scanner checks through iris, that is, the only cognitive characteristic of each person. Technology developers have said that the entire eye scan process, taking out a cashier's money from the cashier or paying off at the cash desk would not last for more than 10 seconds. On the other hand, it allows keeping an eye on all payments, it is probably not pleasant.

Instead of currency tokens

Australian luxury apparel manufacturer Matt Jensen presented another pilot non-traditional project. In collaboration with VISA, it offers a sleeved woven jacket with a sleeveless sleeve. Payment can be made by hand at the restaurant or at the store. Again, vice versa, the chip would need more bubbles or just wearing one jacket.

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It's easy to make payments in a blockchain. With Tokenization, assets are converted to a token block token, for example, simple and convenient payment for things such as easy to transfer, for example. In this case, brokers and payment brokers (such as cards) would die in this case.

It is clear that today or in the future it will not be the only payment for goods or services. It will depend on the methods for the customers you like most. It does not have to be the most advanced or automated technologies. Nowadays, the best way of paying in stores is to see the payment in the terminal, watch or bracelets.

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