Wednesday , December 8 2021

The stores are preparing for a limited number of customers. They have several variants


“We will limit the number of shopping carts to comply with government regulations and allow customers to access them only with a shopping cart,” a Penny Market spokesperson said.

“We use cameras to capture the number of customers entering the store and then re-read it at the box office,” said Václav Koukolíček, a spokesman for the Tesco chain.

Somewhere a technician will control the number of customers, somewhere else the staff in charge. The simplest strategy was chosen by small shops. “Every time we release a customer,” explains salesman Alno Brno.

Most customers are concerned that the fewer people inside, the more outside. To keep queues to a minimum, sellers are willing to help customers speed up purchases. “Call, ask for the purchase and we will prepare everything before you arrive,” said Aida Muhovič at the store market.

Sellers are worried about the pre-Christmas period. If the regulations still apply, large shopping malls will have problems. “Therefore, if all the shops were to open inside the mall, for example, I would not be able to imagine where people would actually be waiting,” said Pavel Březina, president of the Czech Traditional Trade Association, about a possible problem.

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